1. julesjules

    MP private match error....

    I keep getting this error when i try to play a private match on the bgamer t5 mod, im using the fitgirl repack and it only happens with the regular maps and the dlc maps work fine... I read somewhere that it had to do with the zone ffs files, anyone got that fix?
  2. F

    Question Black Ops 1 BGamer Problem - Can't connect via Hamachi

    please i have a problem with bgamer black ops, i tried to join or to host my friend on zombie mode with hamachi but it say for the one who join "connecting" and then an error. someone can help me pls ?
  3. D

    Release Call of Duty Black Ops 1 BGamer T5 LAN/Offline Client v0.7

    Hello CCM! I have decided to release a new version of my Black Ops offline LAN mod. Changelog: Installation: If you haven't had a previous version of my mod (or anything like alterops, interops, nemexisops) befor, you need a compatible game version (most users recommend "FitGirl")...