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  • hello my friend I want to tell U ! me and my brothers (we 4 brothers) we love play COD black OPS 1 every week we thank you very much for that amazing mod
    1we can choose what the teams fight like op40 vs NVA
    2we can make record for the game like (replay) and improve the spectate
    ..............please if you read my message contact me in face book (omar joumaa) or instgram ooooooo.or
    Please help. I'm trying to play Black Ops 1 zombies with my friend. We connected to hamachi, he entered my IP into the launcher. I put host mode and he didn't. For some reason whenever he clicks Zombies it says the servers are down. We tried making him the host instead and it let him click zombies but didn't let me. So it seems like whoever the client is isn't able to click zombies. Please help. What do I do?
    I'm basically trying to create a bgt7launcher for black ops 3. It would be really nice if you could you share some knowledge on how the engine protocol works. Please let me know if you have info about the tcp packets structure and how the server fakes being the real one.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hey. I've had multiple issues with bgt5launcher v7.0. Eventually I switched to the version in the NoDVD folder. This worked fine but when I try and connect to my friend (on the same network) it says something like finding matches 0.00% and it says this for a while until it kicks me out and says something like lost connection to server. I've been wrestling with this for quite some time.
    Capture d’écran 2021-08-13 204226.png
    salut j’ai un problème avec le logiciel bgt5launcher est ce que vous pourriez m’aider stp ?
    English please :wink:
    Traduction : hi i have a problem with the bgt5launcher software is what you don't like please?
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