black ops 2 mod menu

  1. asdfgh789

    Question BO2 mod error

    Hello Whenever ı use any mod into redacted black ops 2 it gives always a script error like this way MEGA can anyone help me about it i use lots of multiplayer mod but in all of them ı m taking error
  2. A

    Answered How do I use a mod menu with bo2 redacted xp party

    I was wondering if anyone knows or could tell me how to inject a black ops 2 redacted mod menu when on a xpartygo game. Just want to know how to use a mod menu in the xp games. Thanks.
  3. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 Jiggy v4.3 PC Version Mod Menu + Free Download

    Hello guys, since after our source release of the Jiggy Mod Menu many people are asking how to install the mod menu. Here I created a thread about how to use it on the PC. If you are looking for the Console version check the source thread out: Release - [LEAKED] Bo2 Jiggy v4.2 Mod Menu Source...
  4. L

    Answered Please Help " Overflow (1590) "

    I use EnCoRe 9.7 zombie mod menu and it works properly in some maps e.g. Die Rise. But when I try to play MOTD or Origins I get error : g_findconfigstringindex 1590 please guys help me, :disappointed:
  5. Jack

    Release Sagittarius Version 1.0

    Today i'm releasing 'Sagittarius 1.0' BO2 GSC Mod Menu. This menu will only be receiving little updates, there will be no Version 2.0 of this menu because I am getting bored of GSC now. I will most likely learn GSC and create some unique GSC bases from now on. Please report any bugs or issues...