black ops 3 custom zombies

  1. bwapi

    Question Chaos Mod for non steam BO3

    like it said in the title i was hoping if there was a Chaos Mod like this one, but since i dont have bo3 on steam and steamworkshop downloader is gone i was hoping someone had the raw files for me to install "Steam Workshop::CHAOS"
  2. SCP

    Release NIGHTMARE | Bo3 Custom Zombies Map +Download

    NIGHTMARE How to install? Steam Select Steam Workshop at the Download section. No Steam - Download the file .rar file. - Unzip the .rar file. - Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps - Start the game and select the map from the map menu in the zombie...
  3. Avory

    I need help with a model

    Hello, I need help with a Spetsnaz model I want to use in a zombies map I'm working on. The issue is that the model is not rigged with the Bo3 skeleton, and because of this it's limbs are twisted and deformed. Now, usually I would try myself to fix this, as I do not like being a beggar/burden...
  4. Dodojhonson1212

    Request Does anyone have the "Elemental bows" and "Elemental Staffs HD" mods for bo3

    I've been looking everywhere and I havent been able to find the mods and I'm wondering if anyone has it downloaded and able to share. here are the steam links if it could help Staffs: Steam Community :: Error Bows: Steam Community :: Error

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps Collection