black ops cold war

  1. Dimitri Sokolov

    Service Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Recovery Service | Max Rank, Dark Matter Ultra | Weapon Levels | Operators

    Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Recovery Service All services are done via lobby, no account info is needed. Zero ban chance, everything is safe. Multiple sales & customer vouches. Weapons Package Max Weapon Levels & Seasonal Unlocks $20 Max Rank Package Max Player Rank $20 Seasonal DMU...
  2. BACKUP7147

    Call of Duty Cold War Zombies modded lobbies

    Disclaimer: These are not hard unlocks. ----------------------------------------- Prices for Cold War ----------------------------- Gamer Package: $30 $20 verified Prestige of your choice or Max Prestige/Level 1000. +$5/friend. Regular Gamer Package: $40 $25 verified Prestige of your choice...
  3. shiraho

    Service Cold War INSTANT CAMOS✅ Master Prestige✅ Max ALL Weapons✅CHEAP

    ✅Safe✅Fast Zombie Modded Lobby » God mode » Unlimited Points » Unlimited Ammo » Jump Height » Give Weapon » Super Speed » Weapon and Level XP Multiplier Zombie XP Lobby Packages Zombie Package 1 » Level 300 » 10 Guns Max Level Price: 20 Euro Zombie Package 2 » Level 900 » 15 Guns Max...
  4. VoidModding

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    Welcome to Void, where we provide super fast and efficient Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War boosting services, including weapon max levels, calling cards including Dark Ops as well as Plague Diamond, Dark Aether and Gold Viper. Make sure to stop by, as we have and offer regular discounts, as...
  5. CabCon

    Discussion Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War GSC Mods?

    Hey guys :hi:, in this thread I would love to about mods features for Call of Duty: BO Cold War. I think mods are a great extension to a game. However I also know that Activision and Blizzard are probably interested in other things.. :) Some reasons I think mods are great: Community generated...