1. InfectedRightNut

    Release (PC) CHEAPST AND FASTEST BO3 Recovery's, Cryptokeys/, $2 MASTERS 70K LD $2 AND MORE 0%BANRATE

    Join the server and read #-how-it-works for more info) Join the Gh0st's Bo3 Mod Services Discord Server! Why purchase from me? -I have one of the cheapest prices (If not the cheapest I've seen) -I always give way more stuff than you paid for, for example some people buy 45k liquid and leave...
  2. G

    Release Link to Elemental Bows and Elemental Staffs Mod Folders

    In the links below are the mod folders to the "Elemental Bows" and "Elemental Staffs HD" mods that were removed from the steam workshop recently. These mods put the staffs from Origins and the bows from Der Eisendrache into the mystery box. They are pretty accurate to the real bows and staffs in...
  3. S

    Question Error: Black ops 3 stopped working

    The custom maps of black ops 3 with name numbers, close my black ops 3 what do I have to do to solve this error?
  4. A

    Question Black Ops 3 Weapons Unlock All?

    Hi there , I installed BO3 recently and when i went to Multiplayer i saw some Classified weapons. Is there any Mod or anybody can create one for unlocking these Classified things ? Also i have CRACKED BO3 so i can't unlock them from playing online :tonguewink: .