bo1 gsc mod menu

  1. Littof

    Release GSC Base EnCore V11 Redo By Me

    Hi i redo the base EncoRe V11 Created By @CabCon Discord : Tobirama#5025 Xbox : Tunurs / Littof / Eau1 Original Creator : CabCon
  2. Littof

    Release Black Ops 1 GSC Bossam Menu Base Ported by Tunurs

    Hey I imported the bossam base on bo1 :relaxed: Discord : Tunurs#5025 XboxOne : Tunurs/Littof/Eau1 Credits : Bossam And iTahhr I add the logo of bo1 in shader dm me if you have any question :handok:
  3. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty Black Ops 1 GSC iMCSx's Mod Menu Open Source +Download

    Hello guys, today I would love to share this old days black ops 1 menu. Preview Features Credits @ItsFebiven (Porting to IL base) iMCSx maxX8230 Download iMCSx's Mod Menu for Infinity Loader iMCSx's Mod Menu for Mods Folder Virusscan (Check: VirusTotal scan) iMCSx's Mod Menu Happy...