bo2 gsc mod

  1. TruGam3rr

    Release bunch of bo2 mod menus i found somewhere

    NOTE:I DID NOT MAKE GSC Studio OR ANY OF THESE MENUS, IT IS JUST A MASH-UP!!!! iMCSx IS THE CREATOR OF GSC Studio!!!! i dont remember where i got this from but i do think i found it on a forum. anyways, just a mash-up or folder containing a bunch of different mod menus for zm and mp. ALSO, USE...
  2. Sloth1337

    Answered [GSC] How do I add a Sub menu to a sub menu?

    Title. I would like to have a sub-menu within a sub menu. For example on "Main Mods" Have an option at the bottom for "Page 2". I know that a few menus have this like Jiggy and TCM but how would I add it to my mod menu. EDIT: Sorry for posting this into the incorrect section, My bad. Thanks...
  3. CabCon

    Release Redacted T6 Nightly Offline Client +Download

    Redacted Hello guys, today I present you the Redacted T6 Nightly Offline Client. In my opnion the best Bo2 Mod Developer Client. You can simple use Mods by useing GSC Studio. Features Play Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Multiplayer - Zombie Offline without a connection. Develop GSC Mods with GSC...