bo3 service

  1. R

    zoms recov for free

    sick of people charging money for bo3 recovs its so cringe please stop any way i will do it for free hmu
  2. Bo3Recoveries2020

    Fast & Cheap Recoveries (Multiplayer and Zombies!!)

    Hey everyone! If your looking for an fast and cheap way to get a bunch of liquid diviniums without having to pay outrageous prices then just join this discord server linked HERE: Join the Black ops 3 service Discord Server! I understand many of you are suspicious of this stuff and many times...
  3. P

    Black ops 3 / Recovery service / Bo3 Mod menu / Free 20 divnium

    BLACK OPS 3 Recovery service Get free 20 Divinium for proof! We offer recovery services for a small price. Help you with EEs and also multiplayer level and cryptokeys! 2000 Divinium for 2$ For more information join our discord! Join the Black ops 3 service Discord Server! CHEAP Diviniums &...
  4. Kloba

    [Selling] [PC] COD/BO3 Recovery Service

    All included for 25$ Included: -lvl 500-1000 Multiplayer (+legit stats) (lvl on demand). -lvl 500-1000 Zombies (+legit stats) (lvl on demand). -10k-15k Cryptokeys (depends on the mod itself). -10 Custom editable classes. - All Specialists Hero Gear. -All challenges 100% unlocked. (All calling...