Fast & Cheap Recoveries (Multiplayer and Zombies!!)


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Hey everyone! If your looking for an fast and cheap way to get a bunch of liquid diviniums without having to pay outrageous prices then just join this discord server linked HERE:
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I understand many of you are suspicious of this stuff and many times people do scam on this service however I, along with many other people have used this service and it really does work! There is a channel in the server called 'vouches' where you can see all the people who have bought their service too! If you still feel like this service is a scam you can request a demo and one of the modders will give you a free 20 liquid diviniums just for proof of legitimacy!

Prices here are really cheap!


$2 = 2k Liquid Diviniums (Normally $774.92 USD or £621.96)
$4 = 5k Liquid Diviniums (Normally $1929.79 USD or £1548.62)
$20 = Custom Amount (Up to 200k Liquid Diviniums)


$3 = 1k Keys
$7 = 5k Keys
$30 = Custom Amount (Up to 100k Keys)

There are many more offers in the server these are just some example ones!