black ops 3

  1. babyssno


    Multiplayer Zombies BUNDLE How to purchase? Join the discord! Blistful What payment methods are accepted? Currently, CashApp and Paypal are accepted.
  2. proitsnot

    Cheap BO3 Recoveries, Divinium, and Cryptokeys

    How it works: Step 1: Join my server here and create a ticket in #ticket-creator and state what you would like to purchase. Step 2: You will then make payment (PayPal/Zelle/Steam Items/Steam Giftcards/Twitch Primes) and i will invite you to my game so i can begin giving you what you purchased...
  3. MementoMori

    Request Liquid Divinium

    I dont have much money but im willing to pay for some liquid divinium. I just enjoy playing custom maps with my friends. I just got a pc last week after years of sony. I would appreciate it if anyone could help out. i play blaco ops 3 zombies religiously.
  4. rap@007

    What is the difference between Black Ops v100 and Black Ops v88

    I recently just downloaded v100 which was an upgrade from v88, can anyone tell me what's the difference? In reference to the zombie mode?
  5. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Elite Mossy Remake Mod Menu with Unlock All, Stats and Prestige MP/SP/ZM +Download

    Hello guys :handwaving:, today I'm really proud to share this amazing remake with a lot of cool features to you guys. Preview Features As there is no multiplayer menus released I decided to throw this menu together it's basically an "Elite Mossy Remake" and tried to stick to the style, this...
  6. Ehff

    Cheat request for COD:BLACK OPS 3

    Hey guys does anyone have a dll cheat for black ops 3? Preferably for free as black ops 3 is old and I dont wanna pay for a private cheat. One for multiplayer would be awesome, one that has ESP, aimbot silent aim. Even if it has just ESP it would be awesome ill happily trade a csgo cheat...
  7. samuraiyagg

    Does any1 have a good bo3 ahk?

    please reply to this if you do, looking for aimbot or aim assist or something related, I've seen many people using scripts
  8. VoidModding

    Service SALE! Black Market Supply Drops! | The #1 Safest & Most Reliable BO3 ZM & MP Recovery Service | PC & PS4 | 0% Ban Rate |

    Got a question that we didn't cover here? Ask us anything in our live chat :smile: Don't waste any more time grinding! Visit us now on or join our Discord! *Beware if impersonators, we've had several in the past. You can join our only discords from &...

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps Collection
  10. Extort

    Tool Looking for a Black Ops 3 PC Recovery Tool

    Hey i'm looking for a BO3 PC Recovery Tool. or if someone could code me one. I'm of course willing to pay for the tool no worries! Please message me if you have a recovery tool or can code one we can talk about the price to your liking. The tool should have options to: Give level up to level...
  11. O

    CHEAP Black Ops 3 Recovery Service UNLOCK ALL, LEVEL100, Cryptokeys, Liquid Divinium And Much More

    Shakez BO3 & GTA5 Recovery Services. Access To The Mod Menu Used - £50 ------------------------------------------------ God Tier Bundle - £25 - 150,000 Liquid Divinium - 50,000 Cryptokeys - Unlock All For Multiplayer + Zombies - Level 1000 For Multiplayer + Zombies Diamond Tier Bundle -£15 -...
  12. vampytwist

    Giveaway Black Ops 3 Steam Version

    Hey so I am doing a giveaway for a free copy of black ops 3 for steam all you are required to do is like our custom zombies facebook page and be an active member!!!
  13. Extort

    Preview Black Ops 3 [PC/PS4] Recovery Service, Unlock All, Any Level, Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium, FAST & CHEAP [0% BAN CHANCE]

    You can also Purchase Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium either through the Shop or in the discord! Shop (PC)...
  14. G

    Question Elemental Bows/Elemental Staffs HD mod?

    Along with the Boss Rush and solo EE mods being removed, two mods, Elemental Bows and Elemental Staffs HD, were also removed by the same person on the workshop. I was wondering if anyone had backups to these two mods (especially the bows one) that they could post so I could re-download these...
  15. A

    Release Call of duty: Black ops 3 custom zombie maps | Wanted

    In a totally wonky and parallel universe, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinsky, Nero Blackstone & Scarlett Rhodes found themselves in a Ghost Town somewhere in Arizona where they are "Wanted" by just about everything that moves. As the synopsys above shows this map was made with fun in mind, not...
  16. cautiousgg

    Discussion Need help cracking t7 menu

    So I have the t7 mod menu files but I need help cracking it so it is available to use, any help would be much appreciated. Please contact me if you have found anything. My discord is cautiousgg#3414 Download
  17. Kazza_Razza_1

    Request Little Brothers Birthday Plz help

    My little bros birthday is coming up and i was wondering if someone could help me get liquids for free for him and me... or just him if it takes to long. I don't have money or else I would pay for the service. Disc is Finnegan#3003 thank you for your time if you help! <3
  18. patotu

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | Gilligans Zombie Island!

    Gilligans Zombie Island! How to install? Steam Select Steam Workshop under Download No Steam - Download the file .rar file. - Unzip the .rar file. - Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps - Start the game and select the map from the map menu in the...
  19. Joey_2134

    Service 24/7 Bo3 Recovery Service, 5 ACTIVE MODDERS, Invite Rewards! , 25% Off if you Vouch on Cabcon!! ,All Camo's, Level 1000, Easter Egg Completion

    New Cheapest Liquid Divinium and Cyroptokey Service for Bo3. Also stat changer and achievement unlock all. Join now Discord24/7 Bo3 Join now Discord24/7 Bo3
  20. E

    Outdated Black Ops 3 Recovery Service

    I am doing Black ops 3 Recovery Service for extremly cheap! If you have any questions you can join my discord for proof and or purchases!