bo3 tools

  1. Extort

    Tool Looking for a Black Ops 3 PC Recovery Tool

    Hey i'm looking for a BO3 PC Recovery Tool. or if someone could code me one. I'm of course willing to pay for the tool no worries! Please message me if you have a recovery tool or can code one we can talk about the price to your liking. The tool should have options to: Give level up to level...
  2. CabCon

    Tool Script Easy Reader v1.02 - BO3 GSC Developer Tool

    Hello CabConModding, today I will share with you this tool, it organize your code by dragging a file into it. It's created by M.A.K.E C E N T S, an awesome developer! :) Be sure to check him out! Preview Credits M.A.K.E C E N T S Download Regards, CabCon!