cabconmodding trophies ideas - official post

  1. Bambus

    Request Overhaul of the 'Point-System'

    So, as you all probably know, the current 'Point-System' is based on so called 'trophies' (Trophies), which are awarded by completing various tasks such as 'post 5000 messages', 'get 500 likes on your posts' or 'subscribe to Premium at least once'. Most points are awarded through those, that you...
  2. CabCon

    CabConModding Trophies Ideas - Official Post

    Hello friends, in this thread we will collect Ideas for new trophies. You can find all our trophies here: Trophies | CabConModding Our leaderboard for trophies is here: Notable Members | CabConModding So feel free to add new ideas below. Regards, @CabCon.