call of duty modern warfare 2

  1. N

    Cant find lobbies while using vacban bypass?

    Is anybody else having issues finding lobbies? I cant seem to find any lobbies anymore as I have been banned but used the bypass and it worked for a few days but now no lobbies show and i cant connect to any lobbies/games?
  2. Kontrol

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 IW4x AntiCheat Bypass Script

    // The vars that our sigscans are going to be assigned to DWORD AntiCheat, ProtectProcess[3]; DWORD Aim_TargetGetTagPosStub, DObjGetWorldTagPosStub; void IW4x_Anticheat_Scanning() { // Get the address from memory and not the binary due to the iw4x dll being loaded so the loading loc will be...