call of duty modern warfare

  1. P!X

    Release [PC/PS3/XBOX] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mod Menu CabePex V1.5 by CabCon & P!X

    Some time ago we released this: but it was pretty unfinished and didn't really work on consoles. So i decided to update it abit :smile: NOTE: Its still not finished! Video By: LINK...
  2. D

    Question Is there a offline client for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Regards?

    I just wanna ask if anyone here can or is making a offline client for modern warfare remastered that would be so great i like to play with bots offline without any internet connection because my internet connection is bad
  3. B

    Discussion Good DLL INJECTOR ??

    Hi guys I'm looking for some good dll injector thank you
  4. CabCon

    Release [GSC] Project EnCoReV2 - GSC Mod Menu by CabCon

    Dear Community, this is one of my first mod menus which I ever created -EnCoReV2. Of course it isn´t the best, anyways I will post it here. Just enjoy modding! Video Screenshot Credits CabCon Cod4 Modding Community Download PC PS3 Version Mirror Download PC