1. O

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Black Ops 4 - Camos/Perks/Weapons ids

    !!! Do not use any detected software or debuggers !!! In no way can I be responsible for what you do on your computer or on Call of Duty: Cold War and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 games Details (I used a self-made software): For Bo4, scan the MEM_IMAGE region. For Cold War, scan the MEM_PRIVATE...
  2. Dimitri Sokolov

    Service Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Recovery Service | Max Rank, Dark Matter Ultra | Weapon Levels | Operators

    Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Recovery Service All services are done via lobby, no account info is needed. Zero ban chance, everything is safe. Multiple sales & customer vouches. Weapons Package Max Weapon Levels & Seasonal Unlocks $20 Max Rank Package Max Player Rank $20 Seasonal DMU...
  3. Slander

    Release BO2 Redacted Animated Camos

    Again with another release. It's not a huge release but it's a couple camos that I have edited and made for Redacted. There are a bunch Dark-matter variations and a trippy one. I don't have screenshots but luckily Red Randumb made a video covering a couple of these camos. All thanks to him for...
  4. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #16 | Bo3 - Mod Tools | Ice-Galaxy Camo

    Download availbable at 1600 Subs <3 I am working hard to create awesome camos for you ;) It's also free to use :D Also you can use the subs button for free too :D LG TheKillerey
  5. TheKillerey

    Release Reworked Camos #1 | Bo3 - Mod Tools | Download | Killer115 / CabCon115

    Hey Guys I release now my new Series "Reworked Camos" hope you enjoy :) Download:
  6. TheKillerey

    Preview Reworked Camos #1 - CabCon-, TheKillerey-Camo

    Hey guy I want to show you my new rework series from my custom camos. CabCon Camo Before: After: TheKillerey Camo Before: After: This version ist the first one so it can be changed in next update
  7. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #11 | Bo1 | Download | Orange Plasma + Ghosts PaP

    Not my best camos but the next one will be legendary :grinning: Requested camos !!! Download
  8. TheKillerey

    Outdated Black Ops 1 Zombies: Animated PaP

    Hey Guys. I am working now on my new Custom Camo Series but I do not want to release it cause there is content what I have not done. I want to release this camos for all zombie maps not only for Kino der Toten :tongueclosed: Edit: How to get animation scrolling on all maps? Thats maybe the...