1. offline_4356

    ANY CAMO ON ANY GUN for Warzone or Modern Warfare Multiplayer NO ACCOUNT INFO NEEDED!!!

    Camo Services ANY CAMO ON ANY GUN for Warzone or Modern Warfare Multiplayer NO ACCOUNT INFO NEEDED!!! YOU JOIN OUR WZ LOBBY and 10 seconds your done! Want DMU on MW guns? DONE! Want Damascus on CW guns? EASY! Once the lobby is complete, you can save them as blueprints and always keep them...
  2. O

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Black Ops 4 - Camos/Perks/Weapons ids

    !!! Do not use any detected software or debuggers !!! In no way can I be responsible for what you do on your computer or on Call of Duty: Cold War and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 games Details (I used a self-made software): For Bo4, scan the MEM_IMAGE region. For Cold War, scan the MEM_PRIVATE...
  3. Dimitri Sokolov

    Service Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Recovery Service | Max Rank, Dark Matter Ultra | Weapon Levels | Operators

    Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Recovery Service All services are done via lobby, no account info is needed. Zero ban chance, everything is safe. Multiple sales & customer vouches. Weapons Package Max Weapon Levels & Seasonal Unlocks $20 Max Rank Package Max Player Rank $20 Seasonal DMU...
  4. Slander

    Release BO2 Redacted Animated Camos

    Again with another release. It's not a huge release but it's a couple camos that I have edited and made for Redacted. There are a bunch Dark-matter variations and a trippy one. I don't have screenshots but luckily Red Randumb made a video covering a couple of these camos. All thanks to him for...
  5. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #16 | Bo3 - Mod Tools | Ice-Galaxy Camo

    Download availbable at 1600 Subs <3 I am working hard to create awesome camos for you ;) It's also free to use :D Also you can use the subs button for free too :D LG TheKillerey
  6. TheKillerey

    Release Reworked Camos #1 | Bo3 - Mod Tools | Download | Killer115 / CabCon115

    Hey Guys I release now my new Series "Reworked Camos" hope you enjoy :) Download:
  7. TheKillerey

    Preview Reworked Camos #1 - CabCon-, TheKillerey-Camo

    Hey guy I want to show you my new rework series from my custom camos. CabCon Camo Before: After: TheKillerey Camo Before: After: This version ist the first one so it can be changed in next update
  8. TheKillerey

    Release Custom Camos #11 | Bo1 | Download | Orange Plasma + Ghosts PaP

    Not my best camos but the next one will be legendary :grinning: Requested camos !!! Download
  9. TheKillerey

    Outdated Black Ops 1 Zombies: Animated PaP

    Hey Guys. I am working now on my new Custom Camo Series but I do not want to release it cause there is content what I have not done. I want to release this camos for all zombie maps not only for Kino der Toten :tongueclosed: Edit: How to get animation scrolling on all maps? Thats maybe the...