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Release BO2 Redacted Animated Camos

Discussion in 'Redacted T6' started by Anki, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Anki

    Anki Modder

    Again with another release. It's not a huge release but it's a couple camos that I have edited and made for Redacted. There are a bunch Dark-matter variations and a trippy one. I don't have screenshots but luckily Red Randumb made a video covering a couple of these camos. All thanks to him for making the video.

    Red Randumb's video of the camos:

    All you have to do to install these camos is to just drag and drop the images for desired camo folder and put them in the data/images folder; then in-game select the Cyborg camo. I haven't found a way to get 2 animated camos to be enabled at the same time so these camos can be installed only one at a time. THEREFORE, if you want to change camos, you will have to replace the images from the other camo in the data/images folder.

    Here's the download to my animated camo pack:
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    P.S. If I make anymore animated camos or anything of that nature, I will tweet them to Red Randumb as he asked me to do so. So if you guys would like to stay up to date on the camos, you can follow me on twitter here:
    Please login or register to view links or downloads!
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  2. CabCon

    CabCon Head Administrator Staff Member

    Good job! Awesome camos! :y:
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  3. icerains

    icerains New Member

    very nice! i ask for more。。
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