redacted t6

  1. Red Randumb

    Answered New Weapons?

    Well new weapons come out for redacted? If so that would be fantastic!
  2. K

    Preview Bot Renamer And Custom Weapon Animation

    Watch This video There are More Animations i just did one for the video DL-Soon
  3. Slander

    Tutorial How to play Redacted LAN with friends?

    Greetings, (EDIT: Fixed images that disappeared.) I see a lot of threads here on the site about asking out to play Redacted with friends that have tons on replies explaining it. Which sometimes, people leave out somethings that are needed. I am here to explain in depth of how to play Redacted...
  4. faze rain

    Tutorial REDACTED - Black Ops 2 How To Unlock All Camos - REMASTERED

    Alright so on June 18th 2017 I posted a thread that got me a good rep and I want to say thank you guys for all the support but i found a way to get titles, camo and rank so yes here it is the - Remaster Of My Old Tutorial, Ok so im a kind of person who likes to talk about how to do things and...
  5. V

    Answered How do i get redacted nightly offline to have custom weapons?

    i wanna do some trickshots
  6. K

    Answered Can you do recovery for REDACTED T6?

    is there a way or like a rtm
  7. Slander

    Release BO2 Redacted Animated Camos

    Again with another release. It's not a huge release but it's a couple camos that I have edited and made for Redacted. There are a bunch Dark-matter variations and a trippy one. I don't have screenshots but luckily Red Randumb made a video covering a couple of these camos. All thanks to him for...
  8. Slander

    Release Project Azn | Creacted By Pyrex BLJ and Slander

    Hello CCM! Today, I will be releasing the first iteration of a menu I re-worked by Pyrex BLJ. Pyrex released a menu a while back called "Redacted Project" and I decided to work with it and understand GSC as this is my very first time working with GSC. I will be working on console versions of...
  9. WillModZ

    Answered TCM i need help getting on pc Redacted

    Does anyone have a download link for TCM And a Tutorial on how to install it on Redacted if u have a download Reply if u are Admin Reply and tell me what i can do to get TCM on pc Thanks Guys
  10. flow

    Release BO2 Redacted LAN Renamer

    i dont really care for this tool now and I am probably not gonna do anything else with it but here you guys go Antivirus scan for 657161c5d6821069380a940abadc867f4eb686724757dccb8b490aa5860666d7 at2017-07-15 07:19:20 UTC - VirusTotal
  11. Pyrex BLJ

    Release AlterOps - Modded Redacted

    A compilation of most of the changes i've made to redacted This is similar to @TheKillerey's Modded Redacted I don't think i used any of his stuff in here but just in case credits to him, for the idea too I'm gonna say i will be updating this in the future as i most likely will, but ill...
  12. D

    Answered How to play Redacted T6 completely offline????

    hello all, I'm new here. I recently got the LEGIT steam version of bops2 with the map dlc and extra slots pack (and no camos cuz i dont like them) and downloaded it (ONLY the zm and mp, not the sp) I installed the latest redacted client from the official site, I disable my net...
  13. SCP

    Release Redacted Custom Weapons Pack

    These guns will replace the original ones that came with the release of Redacted. If you want to keep those weapons, make a copy of "patch_redacted.ff" in "zone\redacted\". (rename the .ff to .ff.oldguns or something you fancy) This patch adds new loadouts of guns to the game. Such as: IW3's...
  14. CrypticMods

    Release Redacted LAN Watermark Removed

    Drag my modified extendedconsole.red32n into plugins folder and replace the old one. This will probably get removed in a couple days because of some whiny redacted dev. Just like what happened to the fully offline version of redacted that got removed a couple of weeks ago. Download while it...
  15. faze rain

    Tutorial How To Unlock Every Camo In BO2 REDACTED T6 PC

    So ill make it short sweet and simple every camo is something people have wanted and thanks to StonedYoda and His menu Echelon Release - Echelon v2.0 by StonedYoda | CabConModding You need to be level 55 so just keep going in online typing xpartygo in console and then use the account menu to set...
  16. 115sparkles

    Outdated Anyone know where the diamond camo files are?

    Does anybody know which ipak file the diamond camo files are located? All I can find are the specs for the diamond part and the gold part. None of the normals or the colors, only the specs, and the camo I wanna make doesn't look how I want it with only changing the spec. pls help xD thanks in...
  17. faze rain

    Tutorial How To Be any Prestige In BO2 Redacted

    So I found this from just looking at this guide here Tutorial - Retexturing Black Ops 2 | CabConModding So Make Sure you follow that first so what we need is patch_mp.ipak (for calling cards) and mp.ipak and search prestige in the exported folder and then find the prestige you want and want to...
  18. dr nha mods

    Preview {-PC-} Cod Bo2 REDACTED D3D hack/modmenu

    so i found this line of code that allowes the player to easly edit and add boxes and font directly through d3d[direct 3d] and is boss ill release a download in the future but its amazing heres the yt: heres the download: https://No.Downloads.Avalible anyone want to help out ???
  19. Pyrex BLJ

    Tutorial Retexturing Black Ops 2

    This will show you how you can change any texture you want in black ops 2! Prerequisites: Black Ops 2 iPak Exporter - Black Ops 2 iPak Exporter – Tom Crowley Download - iwi dds Fast Converter - IWI DDS Fast Converter V1.40 Redacted t6 lan - Release...
  20. Bindon

    Constant Crashing - Minidumps included.

    So, I had looked and found nothing on the issue that I am having. Essentially the last one I caught was an error (with the code) 0xc000025 at the address 0x770ed650 These errors appear when joining a game in ZM or randomly when playing, though this may be caused by my use of a newer and...