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  1. G

    Question Can I permanently change Ammo Values on Guns by modding BO2 Zombies?

    There are some guns, that would be a really good and fun alternative to the standard if they had more Ammo (Chicom, M1216, S12 ... like Shotties in general xD) and I wanted to ask if there was a way to Mod the Ammo capacity of some guns to "rebalance" an old game so it is more funy and dynamic...
  2. CebCom

    This you Cabcon? First time CoD btw

  3. TomRGB

    Reset Zombies Stats

    Can anyone reset zombies stats? (rank reset, kills, rounds on leaderboards, etc)

    Question colored classes bo2

    does anyone know how to get colored classes on pc steam? i been looking all over the place but cant seem to find it
  5. TruGam3rr

    Release bunch of bo2 mod menus i found somewhere

    NOTE:I DID NOT MAKE GSC Studio OR ANY OF THESE MENUS, IT IS JUST A MASH-UP!!!! iMCSx IS THE CREATOR OF GSC Studio!!!! i dont remember where i got this from but i do think i found it on a forum. anyways, just a mash-up or folder containing a bunch of different mod menus for zm and mp. ALSO, USE...
  6. T

    Question Is there any mod that can disable the fog in Tranzit?

    I want to explore Tranzit but with the fog i can't see anything. Can someone help me?
  7. Iwau

    Release Black Ops II Button Codes

    These are just some button codes to make your off host kooler, like this
  8. bo3li

    BO2 how to get player kills in zm

    I want to reward the player if he killed 5 zombies .. how i can get player kills ?
  9. Zingychief74

    Release Zingy V3 Mod Menu Xbox, ps3, and PC

    This is a update to the Zingy V2 mod menu. This update has a lot new features, If you have any problems with this menu message me on Instagram: Zingy_chief47 or just reply to this thread. New features - New Models - New Options in Fun Menu - Bullets Menu - Trickshot menu - New Spawnables -...
  10. ItzJorgito

    is there any mod menu that i can buy for bo2?

    is there any mod menu that i can buy for bo2?
  11. Zingychief74

    Release Zingy V2 Mod Menu (Beta) Xbox, ps3, and pc

    Hello everyone, this is a update to the Zingy V1 mod menu. This version has a good amount of new features that V1 didn't have. If you want to give me ideas of features to add just comment on this thread. Examples of new features I added > New aimbot type > Fov Menu > Stats Menu > More client...
  12. Zingychief74

    Release Black Ops 2 Mod Menu Zingy V1 (Beta)

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to release a mod menu iv been working on (This is my first bo2 gsc menu). It has all client options, spawnables and much more. The showcase link is -
  13. forceofdelta

    Question Is it possible to have Noclip/Free Camera on Black Ops 2 Campaign

    I have been searching for a SP noclip trainer/cheat table for Black Ops 2 but i couldn't find anything. I am making cinematic ai battle videos and i wanted to drop a black ops 2 video before Cold War trailer next week. Anyone can help with this?
  14. ladlol

    Tutorial Black Ops 2 Plutonium Inject GSC mod / Load GSC mods

    Hi … so I see everyone posting and requesting I want a modmenu injector for plutonium and I wanted it too but I came up with a solution sorry about my grammar and spelling mistakes Updated tutorial from pluto: How to use a Mod Menu without Injecting (Loading GSC Scripts Client Sided) Step 1...
  15. N

    Question I need a BO2 Zombies GSC (Redacted)

    I need a GSC to make it so instead of dying in two hits from a zombie, you die in 3 hits. Also for jug, make it one more hit as well. Can anybody do this for me? No idea how to make a GSC myself lmao I need spoonfeed :)
  16. artjomgo

    Question Hi, Does anyone know a script for infinite perk cells for Black Ops 2?

    I wanted to make a server on Plutonium. I think that those who played on this client in zombie mode know such servers as ''No Limit Perks''. I also wanted to make No Limit Perks, but so far I haven’t found a script. Help me please
  17. Libkuza

    Release YaronV1 Bo2 Open Source Tool (Freeze,Infections,IP Grabber,...)

    Hey that is my new open source tool. Description: Feature List: -Connect RPC etc -Change Name Lobby/Ingame -Off-Host Cheats Redbox,FovChanger etc -Create Infections -Mod your Account Prestige Stats etc -Anti Freeze Freeze Derank Host -Ip Grabber Virus Scan: Dont need its open source :smile...
  18. A

    Preview Project Alien V1 (Preview)

    This is Just a little GSC menu i have been working on for a little over a month now. Its coming along fine i just need to add about 4 or 5 more sub menu options. I have taken inspiration from a lot of different menus and menu bases. I will release a full list of credits when i get around to...
  19. F

    GSC GSC Scripts

    All Credits go to the original creators of Project Radius V2
  20. CoolJay

    Release Zombieland By CoolJay [Black Ops II][Gamemode][Update 8]

    ` Overview: - Welcome to my gamemode fellow modders. This gamemode is a take off "Shark's Original Zombieland" which is known by many, this project is my envisionment on that gamemode having recoded the entirety of it. Different from the original this consist of gameplay mechanic changes, new...