Release Zombieland By CoolJay [Black Ops II][Gamemode][Update 8]


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- Welcome to my gamemode fellow modders. This gamemode is a take off "Shark's Original Zombieland" which is known by many, this project is my envisionment on that gamemode having recoded the entirety of it. Different from the original this consist of gameplay mechanic changes, new features, and stability in terms of no freezes and elimination of all bugs and glitches. This gamemode was designed to mimick Treyarch's Original Zombies so it has alot of similarities which for players who are familiar with will be able to get use to quite easily. This project took me a year to develop so i hope a vast majority of the community can come to appreciate this gamemode, and make value of the source code that i tried to keep clean as possible for coders to read

Updates Log:
Update 8 (05/08/2019):

- Scavenger perk
- item drop system
- item rarity system (Effects weapon damage)
- Market (Human menu shop moved here)
- supply drop collision
- map edit turrets have option to be either manual or auto
- auto generate map edit
- end game scoreboard
- bot zombie pathing
- zombie VSAT via pause menu
- zombie type refunds during Insta-Kill
- donate points to player option
- player score menu
- Players submenu sorts menu user at top
- menu dynamic background hue color change
- Menu options toggle display
- menu creates pages when there are too many text characters
- menu duplicate title names
- Third Person button toggle


- door repair health bonus decreased
- door repair times increased
- Buzz Saw ability only damages zombies who are not prone
- Ninja skill rewarded at 50 kills
- Ballistic Knife can now be upgraded
- Ballistic Knife can now be obtained from mystery box
- Max Ammo now gives grenade launcher attachment clip ammo
- Electric Zombie explode button changed to square button
- Napalm Zombie explode button changed to square button
- Mist Zombie mist fx positioning/angles improved
- human starting points decreased to 0 to compensate for inventory worth
- zombie starting speed increased
- zombie spawning algorithm improved
- door structures can now be damaged while door is moving
- Defense and Structures health systems now use weapon damage inflicted
- knife flip button to L2
- Object Control no longer closes menu after enabling
- menu headers
- menu options now update more efficiently
- menu now scales according to amount of options listed on screen
- host and bots are can be identified easier within the player menu
- knife Flip now triggered using Left DPAD
- Give Items menu now renamed to Supplies
- Teleport Players kill feed message
- players can no longer teleport host unless they have host privileges
- Timescale can be adjusted in increments of 0.25 up to 2
- FOV can be adjusted in increments of 5 up to 120 degrees
- Auto Restart now takes effect after killcam
- item prices


- Ballistic Knives not deleting
- SCAR-H, FAL OSW with attachments not killing players
- picking up previously placed equipment not updating hud
- Crossbow with Tri-Bolt attachment switching to another weapon when stock is empty and is only 2 bolts left in clip
- RPG switching to another weapon when stock is empty and is only 1 rocket left in clip
- Thunderwall hitting players behind person firing the projectile
- Pack-a-Punch abilities allowing the game to freeze when players effected disconnect
- weapon clips receiving incorrect ammo when ammo stock is 1
- Fastmags bullet feeding incorrect ammo into weapons from stock
- weapons not reloading correctly when receiving Max Ammo
- War Machine not feeding ammo into barrel
- Electric Zombie teleporting far outside map respawn
- Guard Dog causing game to crash sometimes
- A.G.R unable to be killed
- Nuketown map edit portals positioned poorly
- changing to the map Detour crashes the game
- Power-Ups limited to just 8 spawns per game
- Developer Mode console displaying incorrect weapon names
- doors having poor positioning
- huds not positioned off from screen safe area
- huds breaking after being damaged by Shock Charges, Flash Bangs, Concussion Grenades
- menu huds not being destroyed after closing menu
- menu opening while using Object Control
- grammer mistakes


- FreePerk reward
- Ammo-Fieciency
- Object Control axis arrows
- rank stat
- career human kills stat
- career zombie kills stat
Update 7 (25/11/2017):

- Supplies Helicopter
- A.G.R
- Player Stats (Only Works For Public Matches)
- Drop Current Weapon
- Custom Reticles For Sights everytime you purchase a new attachment and Pack-a-Punch
- Max Ammo now supplies ammo for Grenade Launcher Attachment
- Mystery Box active fx's
- Can now purchase dual wield attachment for pistols when you already have the maximum amount of attachments on that weapon
- Instant Lobby Start
- Auto Restart now changes map randomly
- Gametype now changes when incorrect on startup
- Freeze All Players
- Everyone Hears Everyone sticks for all games
- SMAW, RPG, Ballistic Knife can now be obtained via mystery box, and drop weapons options
- Rewards now have a notify message
- Players Menu for all players now
- Host Name to options submenu
- Menu now creates new pages for when page options exceed character limit (stops options from disapearing)
- Menu Option names that don't return anything no longer cause all options to disappear, instead they show up as an error


- Zombies Health Multiplier for first 6 zombies decreasing as more players become infected
- Zombies Speed Multiplier for first 6 zombies decreasing as more players become infected
- Electric Zombie now has teleport ability
- Napalm Zombie explosive damage amount range based
- Cyborg Zombie health increased
- Juggernaut Zombie health increased
- Juggernaut Zombie speed decreased
- Goliath Zombie weapon changed to SMR
- Purchasing Equipment will cause it to be given to second equipment slot
- Perks now display a center screen notifier when obtained
- Mystery Box weapon randomization corrected
- Blood Sky works for all players now
- After Match Message works for all players now
- Zombies no longer can see power-up icons
- Zombie Spawning is alot more fast
- Developer Mode gives Godmode after death
- Death Machine Power-Up doesn't cause you to switch weapons if you already have it
- Kamikaze Bomber location is now always near center of map
- Melee Range incresed
- Bolt Action Sniper damage increased
- Guard Dog health increased
- Guard Dog health no longer regenerates
- Guard Dog option moved to Support menu
- Over Head Names are now much larger
- Pack-a-Punch Bullet FX
- Double Tap II/Deadshot Daiquri/Pack-a-Punch bullets all come from muzzle more accurately
- Deadshot Daiquri FX corrected
- Deadshot Daiquri aim more smoother
- Power-Up drop chance decreased
- Nuke Power-Up kills zombies in single file order now
- Teleport Players To You now determines the best location for whether you are indoors or outdoors
- Portals now teleport players to center of portal and players will need to leave the portal before reentry
- Player Status cannot be changed while the game is picking the infected
- Player Menu now sorts players by status
- Auto Spawn Bots spawns bots slower now to prevent lag
- Item Prices
- Renamed functions to more appropriate names
- Organised Code


- Nuketown Map Edit exploits
- Hydro Map now works but will not use any fx's
- Rewards are awarded directly after reaching a goal now
- Executioner, R870 MCS, KSG with fastmags reload correctly now
- Executioner, R870 MCS, KSG pack-a-punched reload correctly now
- Launcher Weapons no longer damage Napalm Zombies
- Napalm Zombie explosion fx's work correctly now
- Survivor Points can no longer be exploited by leaving and rejoining the game
- Defenses no longer cause the game to freeze upon owner death
- Ballistic Knifes are now purchasable
- Purchasing War Machine no longer allows for free purchasing
- SCAR-H damage during insta-kill works correctly now
- SCAR-H Pack-a-Punched damage works correctly now
- FAL OSW damage during insta-kill works correctly now
- FAL OSW Pack-a-Punched damage works correctly now
- Weapons no longer lose pack-a-punch bullet fx when equiping dual wield attachment
- When purchasing the same gun you have currently in the pack-a-punch it no longer comes with the previous weapons pack-a-punch effects
- Pack-a-Punch weapon animation corrected
- PhD Flopper explosion fx's work correctly now
- Deadshot Daiquri no longer continues to auto fire when reloading
- Deadshot Daiquri no longer continues to auto fire when switching weapons
- Deadshot Daiquri no longer conflicts with forge mode
- Grenade Launcher Attachment no longer gives incorrect low ammo indicator
- Cannot Pickup Weapons while using death machine now
- Change To A Human no longer causes you to spawn at a zombie spawn
- Zombie Spawns are randomized more efficiently
- Zombie Suicide from explosion no longer count towards their death count
- Incorrect Spelling


- Etheric Zombie
- Force Host option, it is enabled by default
- Object Control controls text for ps3 only
- Ranks based on rewards
- Introduction Screen Start Button except for host
- Insta-Kill no longer shows weapons in killfeed
- Deadshot Daiquri no longer supports FAL OSW
- Deadshot Daiquri no longer supports SMR
- Bots Automatic Spawn via gsc preset variable
- Summoner Zombie Swarm notifier
- Assault Shield can no longer be deployed to allow for new drop weapon feature
Update 6 (03/09/2017):

- Nuketown Map Edit
- Custom HUD
- Custom Weapon Names
- Custom Weapon Ammo for SMAW, RPG, Ballistic Knife, Crossbow
- Custom Spawns (Add and Remove Spawns)
- Pack-a-Punch Weapon Extra Clip/Stock Ammo
- Thunderwall
- Buzz Saw
- Crawler Zombie
- Summoner Zombie new look
- Juggernaught Zombie new look
- Fluent Zombie Spawning System (Based off picking a random Human selecting the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th closet spawns near them)
- Deadshot Daiquri now makes single shot weapons fully automatic
- Gersh Device
- Guard Dog
- Kill Rewards Humans
- Death Rewards Zombies
- Human Death Announcement
- Introduction Screen Idle Kick
- Random Spawn on start
- Power-Up Drop Icons now flash when expiring
- Bots difficulty set to veteran
- Bots as Zombie have their speed increased
- Bots now receive random Zombie types based off time survived
- 2x Frag Grenade on start
- Player Models for both Humans and Zombies
- Dual Wield Weapon Model when Pack-A-Punching
- Visions
- Spawn Cycle
- Show FPS
- Auto Spawn Bots
- Auto Restart Toggle sticks for all games
- Blood Sky Toggle sticks for all games


- Melee Range decreased
- Melee Lunge decreased
- Ladder Jump distance increased
- Zombie Types now scale health according to difficulty
- Napalm Zombie explosion damage radius increased
- Mist Zombie now has 2 claymores
- Etheric Zombie teleport interval increased
- Juggernaught Zombie throw object damage increased
- Goliath Zombie Mk 48 Attachments
- Ammo-Ficiency now gives dual wield weapons ammo
- Ammo-Ficiency now gives only 5% of your max stock ammo per kill
- Ammo-Ficiency no longer gives clip ammo and only adds to stock
- Ammo-Ficiency no longer effects explosive weapons
- Launchers now deal 5x damage (SMAW, RPG, War Machine, Grenade Launcher Attachment)
- Starting Weapon Attachments And Camo
- Killfeed team colors
- Objective Text
- Location Selection for forge editor now has origin from bullet trace
- Kamikaze Bomber now comes in from random location
- Menu Selections reset after death now
- Unlimited Shock Charge placement
- Turrets no longer give points to Human per hit
- Can Purchase Mystery Box and Wall Weapons while using Death Machine
- Zombie suicides no longer count towards deaths
- UFO Mode no longer lets you go left/right/up/down while menu is open
- Item Prices


- Aftermath doors repositioned so they can no longer be knifed from underneath rooms
- Hijacked doors repositioned so they can no longer be knifed from underneath rooms
- CreateWall can now create from top to bottom
- CreateGrid can now create from top to bottom and now creates at any angle you set
- Pack-a-Punch Weapons no longer inflict damage to Humans after the user dies
- Teleport Humans/Zombie To You teleports player to correct height now
- Can no longer get a extra weapon while having the Death Machine
- Thunderwall no longer causes the game to freeze
- PhD Flopper now protects against explosive damage
- Ammo-Ficiency no longer miscalculates ammo to be given
- Napalm Zombie now immune to explosive damage
- Mist Zombie FX origins corrected
- Pack-a-Punch Bullets were not inflicting the correct amount of damage
- Pack-a-Punched Tac-45 explosive bullets now work all the time
- Double Tap II Bullets now work in close range firing and are accurate
- Double Tap II Bullets now come from correct gun when using Dual Wield weapons
- Attachment Conflicts
- Players Menu updates correctly now
- Kamikaze Bomber can no longer be purchased while using other support
- FX attached to players end when the game ends now
- Menu closes when purchasing support
- Invisibility no longer conflicts with Zombie Blood
- Bots no longer see Humans while they are using Zombie Blood
- Switching back to a Human while having a Zombie type then switching back to a Zombie no longer causes an error message when trying to purchase Zombie types


- Minimap (Due to Custom HUD, UAV can still be seen in pause menu)
- Pack-a-Punch Bullets (replaced with damage check)
- Spawns on some map edits to stop Zombies from spawning in a hold off area
- Dragonfire
- Lodestar
- Slow Down after jumping
- Team Icons
- Team Names
- Victory/Defeat Message
- Useless Code
Update 5 (08/01/2017):

- Express Map Edit
- Mist Zombie
- Summoner Zombie
- Portals now have random model angles
- Stealth Aid now doesn't show you on radar
- End game to stop powerups
- End game to stop introduction
- Etheric Zombie no longer can explore far outside the map


- Assault Shield Price Increased
- Give all player points increments
- Blast Furnace damage increased
- Blast Furnace range increased
- Blast Furnace damage interval increased
- Deadwire damage increased
- Deadwire range increased
- Deadwire damage interval increased
- Scorching Inferno now has a new fx
- Scorching Inferno damage decreased
- Scorching Inferno duration increased
- Nuke Power-Up flash effect time
- Pack-a-Punch ablities no longer give points per hitmarker
- Electric Zombie stun range increased
- Teleport Players To You now telports players in front of you
- Item Prices


- Wall Weapons messages update correctly now
- Power-Ups shaders stop when game ends now
- Players no longer have collision during loading screen
- Attachments no longer give you incorrect ammo when purchasing them
- Juggernaught Zombie no longer can pick up entities that don't have a model
- Zombie Type fxs stop when the game ends now


- Included GSC files
- Door damage overtime damage increase for Zombies
- Ballistic Knifes for Etheric Zombie
Update 4 (20/10/2016):

- Drone Map Edit
- Ammo-Ficiency (makes it so the "Human's" ammo is only deducted from their current weapons (non duel wielded weapons) clip every 2nd bullet, as well as give them 10% (20% for duel wield weapons) ammo of their current weapons max stock size perk kill).
- Free Perk Power-Up now gives points instead of a Perk once you have obtained all Perks
- Fireworks now has heat seeking effect, the duration of it increases per kill, as well as does extra damage if the user has Double Tap II
- Thunderwall now has ragdoll effect on Zombies, and has a cylinder shaped range
- Launcher Attachment
- Select Fire Attachment
- Goliath Zombie
- Etheric Zombie now has a Ballistic Knife
- Change All Players To Human
- Change All Players To Zombie
- Kill Points HUD
- Axis visual for Forge Mode
- Starting points are increased as the game progresses


- Blast Furnace fx now plays on Zombies head
- Dead Wire fx now plays on Zombies head
- PhD Flopper damage decreased
- PhD Flopper doesn't activate unless the user dives from a significant enough height
- Electric Cherry damage decreased
- Electric Cherry range is now determined by how much ammo you have in your current weapons clip
- Electric Cherry stuns Zombies
- Thunderwall recharge delay increased
- Fireworks damage increased
- Fireworks duration increased
- Scorching Inferno damage decreased
- Pack-a-Punch weapon ablities activate on enemy hit correctly
- Can now be seen by other Humans while using Zombie Blood Power-Up
- Power-Up drop chance decreases as the game progresses
- Power-Up drop limit added to prevent shaders from dissapearing
- Repairing Doors is now done by holding the Melee Button, allowing Humans to use their weapons while repairing a Door
- Riot Zombie health increased
- Cyborg Zombie health increased
- Etheric Zombie health increased
- Item Prices
- Error Messages diplay in better order


- Deadshot Daquri is now avalible via Free Perk Power-Up
- Cannot purchase a second Warthog while one is currently in progress
- Can now purchase ammo for duel wielded weapons from wall weapons
- Cannot replace the Death Machine to increases weapon inventory space
- Hybrid Optic Attachment issues resolved
- Picking up a weapon from the Pack-a-Punch will replace your current weapon if your weapon inventory space is full
- Pack-a-Punch doesn't display purchase message while holding a unsupported weapon
- Multiple Pack-a-Punch abilites don't stack for your weapon next bullet anymore
- Napalm Zombie fx positioned better
- Zombies can't pickup weapons now (was supposed to be fixed previous update my apologizes)
- Insta-Kill code redesigned to keep memory of Zombies health
- Purchasing a Zombie Type while effected by Poseidons Wrath no longer resets your speed
- Zombie Difficulty doesn't change until Zombiefication is completed
- Starting points is given when players are completely spawned in now (preventing them from receiving Survior Bonus Points)
- PhD Flopper, Electric Cherry, and Juggernaught Zombie no longer freeze the game in some rare cases
- Anti Join now works correctly
- Players game score stats now reset on death correctly
- Players Interactive Messages now dissapear on death
- Interactive Messages now dissapear when the game ends
- Variables in code optimized to prevent Script Variable Errors from happening as often


- 60K XP Bonus
- Killcam per player death
Update 3 (08/09/2016):

- Doomsday Devastation
- Electric Zombie
- Napalm Zombie is now immune to PhD Flopper
- Napalm Zombie is now immune to Blast Furnace
- Napalm Zombie is now resistant to explosive damage
- Juggernaught Zombie now has a characteristic fx
- Can give players money in more different intervals
- Redesigned Scorching Inferno completely
- Human starting money now increases overtime so that when players spawn in late they have a better chance at survival
- In game map Brushs can now be moved and deleted within map edits
- Forge Mode is now compatible with Brushs in the map
- Alignment for huds now goes off players safe area
- Weapons are now disabled while repairing door because you couldn't use regardless
- CreateDoor() function now doesn't use any custom angle arguments, the angles for them are calculated automatically now


- Turret health has been decreased
- Zombies damage against turrets no longer increases over time
- PhD Flopper no longer gives immunity to shock charges, instead Electric Cherry will
- Riot Zombie health increased
- Door message range increased
- Door repair range increased
- Players Menu doesn't display the clan tags of players now
- Players Menu scroller position doesn't reset everytime you go into it now
- Thunderwall damage increased
- Blast Furnace range increased
- Power-Ups pick up shaders sizes increased
- Removed Stealth Chopper as it could be exploited to get alot of points


- PhD Flopper doesn't accidentally explode multiple times now
- Poseidons Wrath slowing effect on Zombies not resetting after finished is now fixed
Update 2 (01/09/2016):

- Aftermath Map Edit
- Map Edit Maker Name


- Modified model placement in multiple maps


- Zombie Blood and Teleporter Zombie no longer cause players to sometimes be invisible upon respawn
- You can now change the map in game and still have players be able to join your game
- When changing map in game it now display the correct map name, map image, and information to go with that map during the loading screen
Update 1 (28/08/2016):

- Deadshot Daquiri
- Addtional code for CreateWaypoint() function to free up shader space
- Remade Standoff map edit
- Extra barricade on Turbine
- Ablity for Zombies to damage turrets (I intiatlly thought this was already implemented but was wrong)
- Turrets die when the Human owner for them dies
- You now get your money back if the mysterybox times out after you purchased it
- Max Ammo spawns twice as frequently now
- Zombies no longer die attempting to use a turret they just can't use it now
- Radar for Zombies
- Random Zombie is not selected until atleast 2 or more players have proceeded past the introduction screen
- Having PhD Flopper will make you immune to Napalm Zombie's explosive and radius damage


- Napalm Zombie no longer gets points from doing radius damage, was causing them to obtain large sums of points
- Napalm Zombie radius damage range decreased
- Napalm Zombie damage reworked
- Juggernaught Zombie damage decreased dealing random amounts of damage to Humans now
- Juggernaught Zombie price increased
- Electric Cherry time interval between each usage increased to 3 seconds, being that players could spam it
- Electric Cherry damages deals random amounts of damage to Zombies now
- PhD Flopper damages deals random amounts of damage to Zombies now


- Door doesn't glitch out when being opened/closed while a Zombie damages it now
- Mysterybox minimap hud no longer disapears after using a Loadstar
- Game freezing sometimes after the game ends has been fixed
- CreateGrid now faces the correct way
- Fixed some grammar issues within some text
Release (8/25/2016):
Black Ops II - GSX Studio:
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- Coming Soon
- Coming Soon
Gamemode Objective:
- The gamemode consist of two teams, Humans and Zombies. When the game starts each player starts as a Human and then after a short period of time a random players are selected to be Zombies, their objective then is to eliminate all Humans. When ever a Zombie kills a Human that Human becomes infected and converts to a Zombie and will continue to be a Zombie for the entirety of the game. The Humans objective is to survive as long as they possibly can. Both teams players can earn points by killing the players on the opposite team. During the game both teams will have the ability to interact with objects and purchase numerous items in order to give them a survival and hunting advantage.
Black Ops II - GSX Studio:
1. Go to where you downloaded "Zombieland By CoolJay.rar" and extract the rar file (you will need a unzip program to do this i suggest WinRar).

2. Move the extracted folder inside of the Black Ops II - GSX Projects folder.

3. Open Black Ops II - GSX Studio and go to the "Connect" tab and connect to either your PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

4. Run Black Ops II on your Console or PC and get into a "Pregame Lobby" whether you're at the "Main Menu" or in a "Custom Game Match" or "Public Game Match".

5. In Black Ops II - GSX Studio go to the "Inject" tab and click the option "Inject Current Project" it should a few moments later pop up in the output window "Injection: Injection Successful"
Gamemode Setup:
1. Get host position.
2. Set the gametype to "Team Deathmatch".
3. Start game.
Creating Map Edits:
- You can use the structures feature in the menu to build map edits, use Developer Mode to enable information to pop up on screen when creating stuff, once you place something down you will need to write down the coordinates and angles on screen into the gsc code in "maps.gsc" in the corresponding map function for the map you are working on

Here are the arguments for structure functions used within this gamemode:

CreateWall(model, start, end, lengthspace, heightspace, invisible)
CreateRamp(model, start, end, widthspace, invisible)
CreateGrid(model, start, end, angles, lengthspace, widthspace, heightspace, invisible)
CreateModel(model, origin, angles, invisible)
CreateSpawn(origin, angles)
CreatePortal(start, end, twoway, invisible)
CreateZipline(start, end, duration, twoway)
CreateElevator(model, start, end, angles, duration, waitduration)
CreateTurret(origin, angles, type)
CreateDoor(model, open, close, width, height, lengthspace, heightspace, duration, health)
CreateWallWeapon(rarity, weapon, origin, angles)
CreateMarket(origin, angles)
CreateMysteryBox(origin, angles)
CreatePackaPunch(origin, angles)
MoveScriptModel(entitynumber, origin, angles)
MoveBrushModel(entitynumber, origin, angles)
Here are some examples of those functions filled out:

CreateWall("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-381, -844, -68), (95, -660, 132), 72, 33, false);
CreateRamp("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-613, -744, -67), (-602, -248, 81), 33, false);
CreateGrid("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-387, -1124, -67), (340, -1947, -67), (0, -90, 0), 41, 72, 33, false);
CreateModel("t6_wpn_supply_drop_trap", (-613, -744, -67), (-602, -248, 81), false);
CreateSpawn((300, -53, 60), (0, 90, 0));
CreateSupplyDropLocation((537, 765, 60));
CreatePortal((137, -865, -67), (157, -570, -67), false, false);
CreateZipline((-600, -1380, -67), (353, -883, 66), 3, true);
CreateElevator("t6_wpn_supply_drop_axis", (-635, -590, -67), (-635, -590, 300), (0, 90, 0), 3, 1);
CreateTurret((0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0), "Manual");
CreateDoor("t6_wpn_supply_drop_axis", (-495, -812, -67), (-41, -819, -67), 5, 2, 72, 33, 2, 30);
CreateWallWeapon("legendary", "scar_mp", (-148, -642, -67), (0, 180, 0));
CreateMarket((-1262, 7125, 43), (0, 0, 0));
CreateMysteryBox((-41, -819, -67), (0, 0, 0));
CreatePackaPunch((-616, 56, -67), (0, 90, 0));
MoveScriptModel(27, (-500, -456, 0), (0, 90, 0));
MoveBrushModel(14, (-600, -876, 0), (0, 0, 0));
- When you are creating a CreateGrid in game, the angles for them are determined by which way you face when you select "Location 2" origin during creation.
- Another thing regarding map edits these structure functions use different placement/addtional arguments from the original so if you want to use map edits from the Original Zombieland you will need convert them all.
Known Issues:
High Priority:

Possibly Fixed:

- final human alive not showing in scoreboard at all
- final human alive scoreboard kills not be recorded
- host can get stuck in a perpetual state of never being able to move when Auto Restart enabled (sometimes)
- supply drops only drop 1 item (sometimes)
- Scorching Inferno makes players infinitely float in the air spiral forever if they don't die (sometimes)
- Mystery Box Fire Sale breaks Mystery Box triggers and cant be used
- unable to see Mystery Box icon on mini map (sometimes)

Exclusive To PC:

- (unsure how to fix) extreme frame rate drop with each additional player joining the game
- (unsure how to fix) after players have joined the game when ever going into a dynamic menu it hitches for a split second
- (unsure how to fix) Tribolt attachment doing no explosive damage only impact damage
- (unsure how to fix) Crossbow causes huge lag spikes upon dealing explosive damage
- (unsure how to fix)) Deadwire causes huge lag spikes when effected on multiple zombies
- (unsure how to fix) Thunderwall crashes game when shooting 17 players at once
- (unsure how to fix) PHD Flopper explosion crashes game

Exclusive To PS3:

- no text background for dropped items
- (unsure how to fix) zombies spawning at host player origin on the map Nuketown
- (unsure how to fix) zombies able to spawn beyond set spawns on the map Nuketown

Low Priority:

- Grenade Launcher attachment doesn't carry ammo information upon dropping a weapon with it and can be exploited to get infinite Grenade Launcher ammo every time it is
- elevator script origin that blocks link to doesn't delete after elevator is destroyed (hard to trigger this action)
- (unsure how to fix) Fireworks pack-a-punch ability breaks and leaves a floating gun when player removes same weapon from their inventory while ability is in progress
- (unsure how to fix) pack-a-punch weapon alignment broken on each interval stop phase
- (unsure how to fix) after match message not working

Possibly Fixed:

- when a players inventory is full and the player sells a weapon that they aren't currently holding, it doesn't sell that desired weapon but a different inventory weapon instead (replicated by buying 2 guns and 2 launchers)
- guard dog can cause game to crash after killing players (sometimes)
- pack-a-punch effects don't stop and stack for every weapon (sometimes)
- teleport all players message not working
- zombie first spawn not working
- zombies on spawn have a c4 shader where equipment shaders are created (sometimes) (probably caused by detection of tac insert but cant find shader for it)
- zombie infinite death loop

Unnecessary To Fix:

- when triggering overflow fix by entering a paging submenu, it breaks the paging submenu (can be fixed by reopening the menu)

Can't Be Fixed:

- dropping dual wield guns refills clips
- I did not create the original idea of this gamemode, so don't hold me as the original creator of Zombieland.
- This gamemode was designed for multiplayer so it will not work on Zombies mode.
- CoolJay
- Shark
- Extinct
- Loz
- iAmCrystal
- Skonafid
- TheHiddenHour
- TheNiceUb3r
- xTurntUpLobbies
- Im_YouViolateMe
- anthonything
- jwm614
- MCabCon
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I am very grateful for your work and that of all those who collaborate with you. My country has one of the most expensive internet connections in the world and a short time ago we were able to establish a Lan network through it. I'm using Pluto t6 r372 (since Plutonium updates require the server and / or client to have an internet connection, I haven't been able to update it) I'm currently using version 1.7 of zombieland and I'm interested in including this game mode on the server dedicated, but there's no way I can make it work. When starting the dedicated server it crashes and gives me the error "T6 into in a ram problem and ..." PS Thanks again, excuse my English (google translation).