1. C

    Question Does mxt mod menu works on cracked version game?

    Hi, i wanted to know does mxt mod menu will works on cracked game with version I just want unlock everything, like classified weapons,camo etc
  2. xCometMods

    Release [PC/Steam] Call of Duty Ghosts Hud Elements + A Few Functions

    So figured out hud elements for ghosts PC steam version. Since game is dead and no one got money for a gsc injector, use this thread to make host mod menu. The way the game sets text is different from other COD's and to bypass a G_LocalizedStringIndex Patch everytime you print text, I decided to...
  3. M

    Release Bo2 Super Massive Dvar List (Alphabetical -- Kinda) [3000+ Dvars]

    DVAR Count :: 3067 actionSlotsHide activeFriendsMaxBackoffLevel activeFriendsNumDayBuckets activeFriendsNumPlayBuckets activeFriendsRefreshDelay activeFriendsSecondsPerBucket ai_angularYawAccelRate ai_angularYawDecelFactor ai_angularYawEnabled ai_corpseCount ai_debugAnimeDeltas...
  4. VerTical

    Discussion Why i never published my projects?

    Modding dies Hello CCM, Today I want to discuss with you about modding and the future. First of all a Happy New Year, it's 2021 :smile: Today's topics are about: The problem why modding dies Why the modding community is a catastrophic one The end is coming soon Note all statements are...
  5. Liam

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Velonia TU24/TU9 Off-Host Menu +Download

    Hey CC, It's been a while! Today I'm dropping a beta version of something I have been working on and off for over a year now. Velonia is a TU24/TU9 off-host menu which is free to use. Now, I don't expect this to be the next best thing, but I have spent a long time making this - so hopefully...
  6. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops GSC Mod Menu by P!X +Download

    Hello guys, today I would love to share this mod menu with you. It's for MW3. :smile: Preview Credits @P!X Download Click here Happy Modding :grinning:
  7. Bambus

    Release Just another GTA V Modding service

    Fischiii's Modding service I'm proud to say that we're probably the most casual modding service for GTA V out there! As usual with modding services we offer Rank upgrades, Money in seriously high amounts, Unlock alls and modded outfits. We also do giveaways so even being alive and clicking a...
  8. U

    Question How do i make a non host sprx menu for mw2? (PS3)

    I've been playing mw2 on the ps3 for years even used .ff menus in the old days. i want to learn how to make my own non host with auth and shi.. would anyone like to teach me or give a simple tutorial? what programs id need etc...
  9. sprx

    Release [PS3] ViralModdingTeam RTM Source

    Hello, I recently Sold my PS3 and am currently done modding on it. I am releasing all my Source/Self-Cracked Applications! This RTM Tool is created by "ViralModding" and I got bored and decided to release the source for people to learn or have fun with I guess. GitHub: sprxsh (SPRX.SH) ·...
  10. Iwau

    Preview Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Insidious Remake Menu | [XBOX/PS3/PC]

    Hello CabConModding! In this thread I will be showcasing my latest project, I've been working on. Insidious Remake Credits StonedYoda Matrix Mods Candy
  11. Carebear

    Hey my name is Carebear

    Hello Cabcon. My name is Care bear or Also known as Ms Athena. I'm also a female. I'm only saying this so anyone who reads this can be accurate when replying to me so nothing more. A little bit to know about me. I come from the Competitive scene for Call of Duty but I retired in late 2016. Due...
  12. gorditohmodding

    Article RTM [Mw3-BO2] IP Grabber + MultiTools

    RTM Multi Tools MW3 - BO2 IP Grabber mw3,mw2,GTAV,BO2, And More By Gorditoh Modding Video Download MEGA Virus Scan(Thanks to vampytwist) Almost all the tools use codes that the antivirus scan will detect as viruses. My program is done with visual studio and is free of viruses...
  13. N

    Can i get banned on COD:BO1 for usin a mod menu?

    Because mods are allowed, and i dont wanna get banned, so is it allowed to use like 4x xp? or unlock all's
  14. Right

    Release Persona 5 - Modding Offsets

    Persona 5 CUSA06638 (Version 1.0) PS4 Cheater 1.2.2 - for FW 4.55 195DBB0 - Medicine (Max 99) 195E674 - Money (Max 99999999) 195B73C - Main Character EXP B38F738 - Main Character Level 195B72C - Main Character HP (Max 999) 195B730 - Main Character Skill Points (Max 999) 7B1D39B4 - Main...
  15. Slander

    Answered Disco Camo Script W/ Toggle?

    Hello, does anyone have a GSC script of Disco Camo that is able to be turned on AND off?
  16. Slander

    Preview Project Azn V2 | Created by Slander & Pyrex

    Greetings bois (and Candy :tonguewink:), [Note: This will support console as well. It will be released soon after the Redacted release.] Today, I am giving a little preview of my second version of my first menu, Project Azn. If you haven't seen or used Project Azn, here is a link to that...
  17. C

    Question Black Ops 2 HvH Setups

    Hello I am looking for anyone who has any good HvH (hacker vs hacker) setups for blacktops 2 ps3? I am only looking for setups for Reflex Engine or Paradox 1.03 Framework. Any help is needed and I will be thankful. Reply on here with the help or PM me on Instagram @kylepayne89
  18. Slander

    Tutorial How to play Redacted LAN with friends?

    Greetings, (EDIT: Fixed images that disappeared.) I see a lot of threads here on the site about asking out to play Redacted with friends that have tons on replies explaining it. Which sometimes, people leave out somethings that are needed. I am here to explain in depth of how to play Redacted...
  19. T

    Outdated Grand Theft Auto V Mod Installer [v0.4.5]

    This is the Major Bug fix UPDATE / MultiPlayer Mod Menu Update My Website: Link
  20. Slander

    Release BO2 Redacted Animated Camos

    Again with another release. It's not a huge release but it's a couple camos that I have edited and made for Redacted. There are a bunch Dark-matter variations and a trippy one. I don't have screenshots but luckily Red Randumb made a video covering a couple of these camos. All thanks to him for...