Release [PC/Steam] Call of Duty Ghosts Hud Elements + A Few Functions


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So figured out hud elements for ghosts PC steam version. Since game is dead and no one got money for a gsc injector, use this thread to make host mod menu. The way the game sets text is different from other COD's and to bypass a G_LocalizedStringIndex Patch everytime you print text, I decided to use G_FindConfigstringIndex instead. First to get hudelems to work on PC it seems not sure though
Menu Base Made With This : Release - [PC/Steam] Ghosts Menu Base

game_hudelem_s * Shader = AddShader(client,"white", 100, 100, 1000, 1000, 0, 0, 0, 180);
game_hudelem_s * Text = setText(client, "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH",1,4,100,100,255,255,255,255);

typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef unsigned int uint;

union color_s
    byte r, g, b, a;

uint rgba;

struct hudelem_s
    int type;
    float x;
    float y;
    float z;
    int targetEntNum;
    float fontScale;
    float fromFontScale;
    float fontScaleStartTime;
    float fontScaleTime;
    int font;
    int alignOrg;
    int alignScreen;
    color_s color;
    color_s fromColor;
    int fadeStartTime;
    int fadeTime;
    int label;
    int width;
    int height;
    int materialIndex;
    int fromWidth;
    int fromHeight;
    int scaleStartTime;
    int scaleTime;
    float fromX;
    float fromY;
    int fromAlignOrg;
    int fromAlignScreen;
    int moveStartTime;
    int moveTime;
    int time;
    int duration;
    float value;
    int text;
    float sort;
    color_s glowColor;
    int fxBirthTime;
    int fxLetterTime;
    int fxDecayStartTime;
    int fxDecayDuration;
    int soundID;
    int flags;

struct game_hudelem_s
    hudelem_s elem;
    int clientNum;
    int team;
    int archived;
    int currentShowInKillcam;

int(*G_MaterialIndex)(const char* shader) = (int(*)(const char*))0x140162320;

int(*G_FindConfigstringIndex)(const char* name, int start, int max, int create, const char* error) = (int(*)(const char*, int, int, int, const char*))0x140161F90;

game_hudelem_s*(*HudElem_Alloc)(int client, int team) = (game_hudelem_s*(*)(int, int))0x1403997E0;

game_hudelem_s* setText(int client, char* Text, int font, float fontScale, float x, float y, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a)
    game_hudelem_s* Element = HudElem_Alloc(client,0);
    Element->elem.type = 0x1;
    Element->elem.alignOrg = 0;
    Element->elem.alignScreen = 0;
    Element->elem.font = font;
    Element->elem.fontScale = fontScale;
    Element->elem.x = x;
    Element->elem.y = y;
    Element->elem.color.r = r;
    Element->elem.color.g = g;
    Element->elem.color.b = b;
    Element->elem.color.a = a;
    Element->elem.sort = 1;
    Element->elem.text = G_FindConfigstringIndex(Text, 0x21D, 0x1FF, 1, "error");
    return Element;

game_hudelem_s* AddShader(int client,char* Shader, float x, float y, int width, int height, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a)
    game_hudelem_s* element = HudElem_Alloc(client, 0);
    element->elem.type = 0x04;
    element->elem.materialIndex = G_MaterialIndex(Shader);
    element->elem.x = x;
    element->elem.y = y;
    element->elem.width = width;
    element->elem.height = height;
    element->elem.alignOrg = 0;
    element->elem.alignScreen = 0;
    element->elem.sort = 0;
    element->elem.color.r = r;
    element->elem.color.g = g;
    element->elem.color.b = b;
    element->elem.color.a = a;
    return element;

void ChangeGlow(game_hudelem_s* element, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a)
    element->elem.glowColor.r = r;
    element->elem.glowColor.g = g;
    element->elem.glowColor.b = b;
    element->elem.glowColor.a = a;

void ChangeColor(game_hudelem_s* element, byte r, byte g, byte b, byte a)
    element->elem.color.r = r;
    element->elem.color.g = g;
    element->elem.color.b = b;
    element->elem.color.a = a;

void FreeHudElement(game_hudelem_s* element)
    ZeroMemory(element, 0xB8);

void ChangeFontScale(game_hudelem_s* element, float Scale)
    element->elem.fontScale = Scale;

void ChangeText(game_hudelem_s* element, const char* Text)
    element->elem.text = G_FindConfigstringIndex(Text, 0x21D, 0x1FF, 1, "error");

void ChangeMaterial(game_hudelem_s* element, const char* material)
    element->elem.materialIndex = G_MaterialIndex(material);

void MoveXY(game_hudelem_s* element, float x, float y)
    element->elem.x = x;
    element->elem.y = y;

typedef unsigned __int64 QWORD;
template<typename function_type, typename... Parameters>
function_type RPC(QWORD function_address, Parameters... args)
    function_type(*placeholder)(Parameters...) = (function_type(*)(Parameters...))function_address;
    return placeholder(args...);
void VM_Notify(unsigned int notifyListOwnerId, unsigned int stringValue, void *top) 0x14043D9B0

const char * SL_ConvertToString(unsigned int stringValue)
    return RPC<const char *>(0x1404317F0, stringValue);

unsigned int Scr_GetSelf(unsigned int threadID)
    return RPC<unsigned int>(0x140436F10, threadID);

void Scr_ConstructMessageString(int firstParmIndex, int lastParmIndex, const char *errorContext, char *string, unsigned int stringLimit)
    RPC<void>(0x1403CD810, firstParmIndex, lastParmIndex, errorContext, string, stringLimit);

void SV_SetConfigString(int ConfigString, const char * b)
    RPC<void>(0x140477200, ConfigString, b);

void Scr_SetNumParam(int A){
    write_process<int>(0x144D4B0B8 + 4, A);

void Scr_ClearOutParams(){

void Scr_AddString(const char * value){
    RPC<void>(0x1404381D0, value);

void PlayerCMD_giveWeapon(unsigned int Player, const char * Weapon)
    RPC<void>(0x1403891F0, Player);

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