1. xCometMods

    Release [C++]Black Ops 2 Hook Menu Base PC Steam

    So today I will bring you guys a very simple offhost menu made using game functions. It didn't take very so if any bugs I guess you can report them to me. Pics: Download Project
  2. Pyrex BLJ

    Release [C++] Small Code Thread

    Hey guys, I'm beginning to release some source functions from my menu because I'm feeling generous and i don't like keeping information from all you people I didn't find these anywhere else (although i didn't look that hard) and yes it is gross but idk c++ very well, ok? If you...
  3. REEILYMods

    [RELEASE] Don't Click The Red Button

    Hello CabConModding, I know this is my third post today, but who cares? I just wanted to present a small and useless game coded by me and VerTical! Screenshot: Download: Don't Click The Red Button And there is no virus if windows detects it as on... If you dont believe me here is the source...
  4. NexusDev

    Riptide Force Source Code - PS3/PC/XBOX

    Riptide Force Source Code - PS3 / XBOX / PC Download : Riptide Force Source
  5. NexusDev

    Tutorial How To Add Glare Header To Menu Base

    1st Go To Ur Menu Source Code 2nd Add This Code Into Ur Menu Menu Base Used For Presentation : 2much4u Code 1: add These 1st: int gGlareHandle; int scaleform; float gGlareDir; float GlareX = 1.10f; float GlareY = 0.41f; float Glarewidth = 0.71f; float Glareheight = 0.73f; Code 2 [Main]...
  6. Craze

    Answered [C++] [VS 2013] How to use Lua with Visual C++?

    Does anyone know how to use Lua with Visual C++ I'm really confused. PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD, I FIGURED IT OUT
  7. thahitcrew

    Release Perplexed v4.1 | Pre-Game + Non-Host Mod Menu

    Download: Perplexed SPRX Game Logs: Perplexed Game Logs In-Game Menu ControlsDPAD-UP + Melee: Open MenuDPAD-UP/DPAD-DOWN: ScrollR3: Close Menu / Go BackX: Select Option Pre-Game Menu ControlsR3: Open & Close MenuL3: Select OptionsL2/R2: Scroll New In v4.1- Bug Fixes- Client Menu rebuilt-...
  8. thahitcrew

    Release Perplexed v1.0 Non-Host Menu