ImGui PS3 Application | 20+ Games to Mod, Universal Name Changer, Profile Editor, PKG Manager & More


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Introducing the First Public Release
ImGui C++ on the PS3 system!
CCAPI connection only! RIP HEN users, this one's just for the elite!

-- Download / Application Details --

✨ Download:
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(Source Code Included) ✨

✨ CCAPI 2.60+ 2.70, 2.80 supported! ✨

✨ Universal Name Changer - Customize your identity with ease! ✨

✨ 20+ Games to Mod - 170 Mod Toggles for the ultimate experience! ✨

✨ Custom Profile Editor - Tailor your profile to perfection! ✨

✨ PKG Manager - Transfer Package files to the system! ✨

-- More Details --

[ Project Created time : 3 months ] [ Visual Studio 2022, C++ | ImGui Framework ]

✨ Source Included - Dive into the magic behind the scenes! ✨

✨ Utilized curl lib to create an FTP method for seamless read/write on PS3 directories! ✨

✨ Name Changer - Stored offsets inside a vector and let CCAPI auto-detect your game, no need to reconnect or reattach! ✨

✨ Game Mods - No need to reconnect or reattach just switch games ✨

✨ PKG Manager - Transfer package files to your system, Utilized curl lib to create a transfer and windows api file dialog method ✨

✨ The source is included so any problems you may face you are welcome to tweak the code if needed

✨ Do what you please with this application source!

Video of Application

Application Screen Shots See Video for a better experiance!