rtm tool

  1. xCometMods

    Release ShotgunsNSkullsV2 RTM Tool NoSteam

    ShotgunsNSkullsV2 Tool Tool is NoSteam Cracked BO2 Based Using Redacted V2 Lan Newest Version. Changes: Force Host Models Menu Better Weapons Menu Telportation Multiple new mods. ________________________ !!Attention!! In the tool folder there is an injector which injects a modded gsc script...
  2. Lucifer

    Question Black Ops 1 Azza tool compatible with CCAPI

    Hello Ccm users i was just wondering if this tool would be compatible with ccapi and all the mods will be usable if so please let me know because i would like for this tool to be compatible with ccapi instead of just tmapi. Btw here is a virus total link as well...
  3. Lucifer

    Answered Waw rtm kick tool

    Hello ccm members i have been looking for a waw rtm tool that can kick clients because i try to host legit lobbies on waw and i always find modders joining so that makes me have to end the game and kick them i was wondering if there was a tool or if someone could make a tool that allows me to...