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  1. wmp

    ImGui PS3 Application | 20+ Games to Mod, Universal Name Changer, Profile Editor, PKG Manager & More

    Join my Discord Server PC/Console Modding Community & Resource Lounge DISCORD SERVER Introducing the First Public Release ImGui C++ on the PS3 system! CCAPI connection only! RIP HEN users, this one's just for the elite! -- Download / Application Details -- ✨ Download: DOWNLOAD LINK...
  2. Libkuza

    Question Which color is the best?

  3. xCometMods

    Release ShotgunsNSkullsV2 RTM Tool NoSteam

    ShotgunsNSkullsV2 Tool Tool is NoSteam Cracked BO2 Based Using Redacted V2 Lan Newest Version. Changes: Force Host Models Menu Better Weapons Menu Telportation Multiple new mods. ________________________ !!Attention!! In the tool folder there is an injector which injects a modded gsc script...
  4. Lucifer

    Question Black Ops 1 Azza tool compatible with CCAPI

    Hello Ccm users i was just wondering if this tool would be compatible with ccapi and all the mods will be usable if so please let me know because i would like for this tool to be compatible with ccapi instead of just tmapi. Btw here is a virus total link as well...
  5. Lucifer

    Answered Waw rtm kick tool

    Hello ccm members i have been looking for a waw rtm tool that can kick clients because i try to host legit lobbies on waw and i always find modders joining so that makes me have to end the game and kick them i was wondering if there was a tool or if someone could make a tool that allows me to...