1. CF4_99

    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 SP GSC Mod Menu by CF4_99 +Download

    Modern Warfare 3 SP Mod Menu Developed By CF4_99 NOTE: The only way to use this, is to inject using Infinity Loader Please Do Not Leave Any Opinions Based On Infinity Loader Prices For Infinity Loader: InfinityLoader The base was originally the TMIL Base made by AokMikey. I rebuilt and...
  2. E

    Question CabCon Mod Menu Zombie for Online?

    Hey Guy I have install, the Mod Menu for Black Ops 1 Zombie PC. In Steam i can Offline without Problems. But i cant play Online. The Screen loading, and stopped. I use the T5 Launcher but is not helped What can i do Please Help Thanks
  3. V

    Mod for steam?

    Hi, I am new to mods and I have been messing around with scripts and the few things I have found. So far only thing I've managed to get working is VSAT in mp. I tried the Jiggy 4.3 mod which eventually worked but only on custom games, whenever I try to go to public matches then it just crashes...
  4. storsdark

    Tutorial Gift Cards Shop - Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, eBay

    E-Gift Cards at a price of 50% of the face value, this is the perfect gift for any occasion. The original way to congratulate a dear person on a holiday, convey warm words and wishes. Thanks to the Electronic Gift Certificate you can choose and buy any product for yourself. Your dreams come true...
  5. TheNigel

    Tool Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DVAR Tool Steam 1.2.211 +Download

    Here is a virus scan of the executable: Here is a virus scan of the rar archive...
  6. xCometMods

    Discussion BO2 Steam Managed Address / Source Thread

    Black ops 2 Steam Managed Address List This is a thread where you can post your addresses for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Steam. Please find out if the codes accually work before you post them. And to set a good example I will post a few of my addresses for zombies: Player health: 021C5869 INT...
  7. D

    Answered Where can I download Redacted?

  8. ZeOnEscofet

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | One Window Challenge

    One Window Challenge How to install? Steam Select Steam Workshop under Download. No Steam - Download the file .rar file. - Unzip the .rar file. - Place the folder from the .rar file in: Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps - Start the game and select the map from the map menu in the zombie...
  9. CabCon

    Verify Integrity of Game Files using Steam

    Restart your computer and launch Steam From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes...
  10. CabCon

    Release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Undetected Multihack/Aimbot/ESP | Interwebz Cheat

    Hello guys, today I will present you one of my favorite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheats. They describe themselves like that: We are a reliable internal cheat provider for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike: Source. Our cheats are VAC2 / VAC3 undetected. It was made for...
  11. Lucifer

    Outdated Mw2 Steam Aimbot?

    Is there a working undetected steam mw2 aimbot out i searched all over mpgh i could not find any maybe someone has one that works and is not detected i would like to share with me please thanks :kissingheart:
  12. Setsuna

    Answered Mod Menu for Steam

    Is that possible that i can use mod menu for steam bo2 ? and is there any possibilties that i could get ban from this mod menu ?
  13. Jamesz

    Outdated Black Ops DLC's Map Pack Download

    Hello CCM, Today I am going to be releasing Black Ops's DLC map pack Feel free to download it! If the download links don't work anymore, comment below or PM me and I'll fix it ASAP. I put my time and effort into making the topic and making it easy to use. Enjoy the DLC's Packs :grinning: The...
  14. Jamesz

    Release MW3 DLC's Map Pack Download (Link Updated)

    Hello CCM, Today I am going to be releasing MW3's DLC map pack Feel free to download it! I put my time and effort into making the topic and making it easy to use. Enjoy the DLC's Packs :grinning: What's Included in the DLC Pack? (Click on names for links to Information & Screenshots)...
  15. Jamesz

    Release MW2 DLC's Map Pack Download (Updated Link)

    Hello everyone, Today I am releasing MW2 DLC pack with some extra maps from other Call of Duty games. Feel free to download it and have any problems with it feel free to PM me or comment below. Note* If the download links or virus check links don't work, comment below or PM me and I'll fix this...
  16. Jamesz

    Answered MW2 Liberation

    Hi all, I get this message once I run MW2 from MW2 Liberation, I run it from there and after a few seconds of the game opening and I get kicked of the game. Then I get this error message: Does anyone know how to fix this? Note* I do have a VAC Ban on Steam Cheers!