1. LiftHeavy96

    Question 1.2.211 RCE Old Menus

    Can you use old menus after the rce update? The pc game version looks to be the same? On steam. Just looking for prestige and unlocks, no in game hacks esp, no recoil, etc. just rank
  2. wmp

    Tutorial Bunifu Framework UI (Visual Studio) + Setup Tutorial

    Make your visual studio projects look better with the Bunifu UI Framework all dll files included and Bunifu_UI_v1.52.dll + Bunifu.UI.1.5.3.dll Download: Bunifu Hybrid Analysis: Test [-] Create a folder where u want to store the DLLs [-] Open Visual Studio IDE and go to toolbox add new tab call...
  3. xCometMods

    Release [PC/Steam] Call of Duty Ghosts Hud Elements + A Few Functions

    So figured out hud elements for ghosts PC steam version. Since game is dead and no one got money for a gsc injector, use this thread to make host mod menu. The way the game sets text is different from other COD's and to bypass a G_LocalizedStringIndex Patch everytime you print text, I decided to...
  4. xCometMods

    Release [C++]Black Ops 2 Hook Menu Base PC Steam

    So today I will bring you guys a very simple offhost menu made using game functions. It didn't take very so if any bugs I guess you can report them to me. Pics: Download Project
  5. B

    Discussion Good DLL INJECTOR ??

    Hi guys I'm looking for some good dll injector thank you