1. xCometMods

    Release [PC/Steam] Call of Duty Ghosts Hud Elements + A Few Functions

    So figured out hud elements for ghosts PC steam version. Since game is dead and no one got money for a gsc injector, use this thread to make host mod menu. The way the game sets text is different from other COD's and to bypass a G_LocalizedStringIndex Patch everytime you print text, I decided to...
  2. xCometMods

    Release [C++]Black Ops 2 Hook Menu Base PC Steam

    So today I will bring you guys a very simple offhost menu made using game functions. It didn't take very so if any bugs I guess you can report them to me. Pics: Download Project
  3. B

    Discussion Good DLL INJECTOR ??

    Hi guys I'm looking for some good dll injector thank you
  4. Liam

    Release Xbox 360 Auto DLL Loader +Download

    Hey CCM, Title Says it all. This program lets you load dlls, without a patched xex. [+] How Does it work? [1] Put the dll you want to load in your game root on your xbox like so below. [2] Put the same dll in the root of the tool, like this. [3] Hold ctrl+right click and select open...