1. K

    Question Can't open t6sp when Redacted is downloaded

    So I download this Redacted file for my Windows 11 laptop and it works fine when I play Zombies, but now I can't play single player anymore because when I try to open t6sp, it goes through the whole Redacted thing like it does when I open Zombies, and Redacted doesn't use campaign. I was able to...
  2. J

    Black Ops 2 Campaign mod menu?

    I just want a mod menu for the campaign and maybe zombies but wouldn't care if it's just campaign. I can only ever find multiplayer and zombies mod menus that won't work for campaign and I've searched a lot over various websites. If anyone can point me to one that'd be awesome. Thanks.
  3. GhostsNeRo

    Question Weapons Bo2 Camping - Sp!

    ~:Weapons Bo2 Camping!:~ ~:nobody know how add this weapons in Multiplayer?!
  4. F

    Answered Are there any Black Ops 2 Campaign Mods like Mod Menus?

    Ok so, I really want to explore the Black Ops 2 campaign maps in the game on my PC. Thanks.
  5. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 1 Story Mode Campaign GSC Mod Menu Xbox/PC by McCoy5868 +Download

    Hi guys, today I will share with you a Black Ops 1 Campaign Mod menu for Black Ops 1. It's created by McCoy5868! Have fun with it! :grinning: Preview Download External GSC loader XBOX Version PC Version Collection of all versions - fileupload XBOX requirements: JTAG / RGH External GSC...