1. Unix

    Outdated World To Radar (2D Radar Need Help Porting)

    Good Evening CCM! Today I need a little help from someone who can possibly port or help me fully port this 2D Radar or a world to radar script to GSC. Yes I know GSC is dead but I got bored and decided to work on a project so.... If anyone already has a World to Radar script they can give...
  2. Lucifer

    Goodbye CCM

    Hello users of Cabconmodding, Today i am announcing my retirement on the site and community. Lately i have been thinking about this for some time watching my friends leave this community and wonder to myself who will be next. Well with there not really being any of my friends left in the...
  3. CabCon

    What do you think about a CCM App?

    Hello guys, today I would like to know if you would use a Mobile app of ccm. Also which mobile device do you have, that we can see which systems the app should support. :) The app wouldn't cheap so what you think about it? Here are some Previews of a test build. Regards, CabCon.