1. D

    Release Call of Duty Black Ops 1 BGamer T5 LAN/Offline Client v0.7

    Hello CCM! I have decided to release a new version of my Black Ops offline LAN mod. Changelog: Installation: If you haven't had a previous version of my mod (or anything like alterops, interops, nemexisops) befor, you need a compatible game version (most users recommend "FitGirl")...
  2. Slander

    Release Plutonium T6 Released!! (Friday 13, 2018)

    Henloooo, On Friday the 13th, Plutonium released their client for T6 (Black Ops 2). "what does Pluto T6 has to offer that Redacted already has?", you ask? Well Pluto T6 gives you the option to play on a dedicated server of you choice. Pluto T6 has its own built-in server browser where you can...
  3. Slander

    Release Plutonium IW5 - Modern Warfare 3 Client

    Hello everyone, Pluto IW5 has been released for awhile but I thought that I could make a thread about it just incase there are users here on CabCon that don't have Pluto IW5. Pluto IW5 is a client for Modern Warfare 3 that offers matchmaking servers and dedicated servers. There are a couple...
  4. faze rain

    Tutorial How To Be any Prestige In BO2 Redacted

    So I found this from just looking at this guide here Tutorial - Retexturing Black Ops 2 | CabConModding So Make Sure you follow that first so what we need is patch_mp.ipak (for calling cards) and mp.ipak and search prestige in the exported folder and then find the prestige you want and want to...
  5. koffey

    Preview Sherkan: Online Warfare - new MW2 client based on CoD: Online - 2019

    Hello! Sherkan: Online Warfare is a free standalone multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 modification that brings new gameplay refreshing mechanics and content. We're currently seeking active members that are willing to build up a friendly and fun community. Discord - Join the Sherkan: Online Warfare...