1. J

    How can you run game_mod on Black Ops 1 FitGirl Repack?

    I'm using the FitGirl repack version of Black Ops 1 and when I launch it from "BO_mods.bat" and then click zombies I get a "Servers not available" error. Im not trying to play multiplayer, im just trying to play singleplayer zombies with mods How can I work around this?
  2. D

    Answered I need help with playing custom maps on a cracked version of Black Ops 3 (Problem Solved)

    Hello there, I was trying to install a custom map (kyassuruz) but looking at the installation guide told me to put the map in a folder called usermaps in the root directory of black ops 3. I created a folder and named it usermaps and put the custom map in there, then i loaded up black ops 3 and...
  3. TryRed

    Answered BO3 Custom maps on cracked game?

    Hi there. I was wondering if there is any way of using custom maps on black ops 3 zombies with a cracked version of the game. I previously purchased the game but my disk broke and I lost my steam account. ill be greatfull for the advice. thanks
  4. S

    Project Memories+Reborn Crack By Enstone

    this is project memories v3.2 and reborn v3, sorry enstone if reading hahaha. due to the crack it will only work using TMAPI, sorry CCAPI user. If You like the menu why not buy it at; Cracked Version...