1. EFK

    Release AW S1X OFFSET BY EFK

    --------------------------------------GAME SETTING-------------------------------------- NOCLIP - BYTE - 0x144964810 - ON : 1 OFF : 0 AMMO 1 - BYTE - 0x14495FB48 - ON : 999999 OFF : 0 AMMO 2 - BYTE - 0x14495FB18 - ON : 999999 OFF : 0 AMMO 3 - BYTE - 0x14495FB30 - ON : 999999 OFF : 0...
  2. TheHiddenHour

    Release 1.13 SP/ZM Rawfile Dump (GSC, CSC, CFG)

    Here is a dump containing most of the rawfiles from SP and ZM including the DLCs :blush:. If you would like to dump your own, here is a C# script. You need Ionic.Zlib.dll and PS3Lib.dll. [C#] Black Ops SP/ZM 1.13 Rawfile Info Grabber - Pastebin.com EDIT: I've now added rawfile info dumps for the...
  3. CabCon

    GSC Black Ops 3 Zombie GSC The Giant Model List Dump by CabCon | Total assets: 7399

    Hello everyone, here you can find a model dump from the models of the map The Giant! :) Have fun! Downloads Zombie Models dump from The Giant! (Total assets: 7399) Regards, CabCon.
  4. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 Effects List for each map by CabCon

    Hello, today I release this List, which have included all effects from each map. Dumped form the level._effect array. Feel free to use it for you stuff. Screenshot Credits @CabCon Download Pastebin :cabcon: @CabCon