1. CabCon

    Release CabConModding Corporate Design (Logo, Colors and Themes)

    Hello everyone, here you can find :cabcon: CabConModding's Corporate Design, included: Logo Colors Themes/Artworks If there are any changes, we will update this thread as fast as possible. Logo Download here: Alternative Logos: Logos -...
  2. CabCon

    Question Who has the best forum avatar?

    Hey guys, why not talk about our own 'graphics' today? Who has the best looking forum avatar on our site? Nominate your favorites and I will add them to a list! Let me start: I nominate @SCP "I love the small sad guy" @VerTical "If this is self-made - Wow!" @Jamesz "The end is worth it"...
  3. SCP

    Question What is the best photo editing program?

    Quite simple question, hopefully a simple answer. I heard of Photoshop, Affinity and GIMP? What are actually good programs paid or free, doesn't matter. :) ~SCP
  4. CabCon

    Request CabConModding is looking for available Graphic Artist(s)

    CabConModding is looking for a Graphic Artist (or multiple even) that could help us create/edit images for our website. One example for what the Artist will do is the Christmas Image which we posted on Christmas on our board: If you are interested, please post either a link to your previous...