1. JoeJoy

    Article Google’s AI can tell if someone is sneaking a peek at your phone

    Google’s AI technology is pretty impressive, sometimes it’s even a little scary. It can identify people in photos, identify songs with cryptic descriptions, and now it can spy sneaky people looking at your phone. Google researchers are showing off a project they call “electronic screen...
  2. VerTical

    Outdated PS3 SDK - Download

    PS3 SDK Version: 3.60 Download: SDK Happy Haxing :cabcon:
  3. NexusDev

    Tutorial How To Add Glare Header To Menu Base

    1st Go To Ur Menu Source Code 2nd Add This Code Into Ur Menu Menu Base Used For Presentation : 2much4u Code 1: add These 1st: int gGlareHandle; int scaleform; float gGlareDir; float GlareX = 1.10f; float GlareY = 0.41f; float Glarewidth = 0.71f; float Glareheight = 0.73f; Code 2 [Main]...