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  1. wurstnurst2

    GSC [PC]Private MP GSC Menu Release - Modded Stats + Prestige + more!

    Hello Guys Today im releasing my Private GSC Mod Menu for Multiplayer its still not finished and anyone who might want to help me implement more hit me up on discord :smile: idk where i got the source from but be aware this is not made from scratch just extended It has a lot of Features never...
  2. Hentgvd

    Answered Update Prestige/ Scoreboard ingame ?

    Hello guys i have a problem. Im currently working on my Mod Menu. When i Change Prestiges it doesnt get shown in the scoreboard nor the Player Names. The Prestige that i've set will only be visible in the pause screen. After the match it does stick. I included " uploadstats &...
  3. mjkzylol

    Question Anyone know this LUA file or what file I need to do this

    im so tired i cant figure this out plz help