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  1. S

    xbox 360 gsc studio black ops 2 inject a compalid script files not showing up in gsc stupid

    I'm trying to load mods threw gsc studio but something is wrong with my studio files won't upload right and when i make a project i can't inject my gsc files because there showing not there in the gsc window to select them psl help iv already tried to uninstall it 1 time and still wont showup/work
  2. coolbunny1234

    Answered WaW MP Base / Source Directory

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone had a blank mp_base I could use to work on a multiplayer project, I don't need a menu but I need the source directory under mods/mp/gametypes/whatever, as well as a source _rank.gsc where I can begin to thread my menu / project , similar to...
  3. CabCon

    Release Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 GSC Raw Files +Download

    Hello, this is a MW3 Raw Files RIP. Credits to Gagarin. Screenshot Credits Gagarin Download GSCs Files (from Wii) By DerekTrotter - 16/11/2011 Download HERE Other Raw Files by Gagarin (V1) (PC)- 14/11/2011 Download HERE :cabconmodding: CabCon