gsc function

  1. Tunurs

    Release GSC Base EnCore V11 Redo By Me

    Hi i redo the base EncoRe V11 Created By @CabCon Discord : Tobirama#5025 Xbox : Tunurs / Littof / Eau1 Original Creator : CabCon
  2. The Dark Side

    Release Useful GSC Functions (Checks, waits, etc)

    I found this batch of GSC functions on pastebin by Duffman. This guy was obviously an extremely talented coder. I've never seen codes like his before. Either way, they should be shared with the community. These can be used with any COD as long as it supports gsc. The syntax may have to be...
  3. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: For

    This is the next tutorial about basic GSC coding, this time is about the "for" command. Its use is nearly the same as the "while", it repeats something until you stop it and with a frequency you add, its "basic" structure is the following: for( ; ; ) { CODES wait ( TIME ); } You can add...
  4. CabCon

    Tutorial Basic GSC Coding: If, Else and Else If

    Today I am going to explain the "if", "else if" and "else" command. The "if" checks if what its inside it is true or false and if its true, it does what its inside the "if". If what is inside the "if" is false and you have defined a "else", the program will run what you wrote in the else, this 3...
  5. CabCon

    GSC Call of Duty 4 GSC Function | Modded Hitmarker by CabCon

    Hello guys, today I will share this hitmarker code with you. :grinning: Feel free to use it. It will work for every call of duty! Function Overview Toggle Hitmarker | Display/Hide Hitmarker ::func_hitmarker Hitmarker Color | Set the Color of the Hitmarker ::func_hitmarker_color Hitmarker...