gta 5

  1. Sluzz

    Cheap Recoveries & Free Money Drop Lobbies

    BASIC RECOVERY 200mil Stealth Cash Rank Selector (1-1000) Set Kills Unlock All Tattoos Unlock All Weapon Skins All LSC Unlocks Purchase All Clothing Unlock All Heist Vehicles Clear Client-side Reports Remove Badsport Unlimited Snacks Unlimited Fireworks Custom Outfits $5 CUSTOM...
  2. M

    Free Money Drops & Recoveries! [LEGIT]

    Yeah as the title says, I am doing free money drops and recoveries in gta! Don't trust me doing a recovery? Go ahead and join me when I'm doing money drops! If you want a recovery but are impatient or want it quick, you can pay $3 and I'll give you any level 1-8000, $120 million, all weapons...
  3. Serendipity

    Release [GTA5 BLES / 1.28] PS3 - | Unrestrained Script 6.5 | Download Free

    Designed by UnrestrainedGTA Hi Cabconmodding, today I bring you Unrestrained. adding some new/unique features. visible to online players. enjoy! Video Changelog v6.5 Known Bugs Credits Download
  4. Kyle Fardy

    Question How to change the GTA5 text 'Loading Story Mode/Online' to your own custom text?

    recently i decided i wanted to edit the "loading story mode" & "loading online" to my own custom text using my menu, i know its possible as iv seen it done over on the xbox side of stuff i will pay if needed! @Venox @XEazyLobbyss your the only 2 guys i know that tinker with gta
  5. Koreax

    Question Does somebody know how to fix the GTA 5 Online Error: Timed out locating session?

    Does somebody know how to fix the GTA 5 Online Error: Timed out locating session. A few days ago i could play normally without any Errors. I changed the Menu to the old one that i used before without issues. "Legendary SPRX"
  6. LosityCFW

    Question GTA V Start Application Error

    Hello People in CabconModding, I'm wondering how to start up gta v but every time i start the application it brings me back to the xmb. Anyone please inform me how to fix this process.
  7. T

    Preview Grand Theft Auto V Mod Installer

    This is just a preview of Version 0.0.1 of my Mod installer
  8. Bankiieh


    Hey, CabCon. If you host (or know anyone who does) money/modded lobbies on PC. Please write the persons SC name. I need money because I am poor af. Thanks in advance
  9. T

    Outdated manyoo mod menu / SP 1.33 complete all unlocked PC

    manyoo mod menu / SP 1.33 complete all unlocked PC enjoy Viurs Scan VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner Link My Files
  10. Dylan57richem

    Preview The Galerium v2.3 Private Dev Version [IP Grabber / Freez console / etc]

    Hi CabconModding, i have pleasure to open this thread for the video for version 2.3 private of my mod menu gta5, The Galerium. Ths version it's not available and yellow options not be added in the future version so don't fear :)
  11. X

    [NOTICE FOR GTA V MODDERS] Rockstar disable all mods in Gta V.

    Rockstar at 18/06/2017 in Grand Theft Auto Online all Mods has disabled. All premium account with more than 900 LvL and 500Millions$ has banned from GTA Online and PSN. With you paid an cheater to cheat your account, you report the ban and you gain you money. Rockstar banned PSN and Someone...

    Outdated GTA 5 - Infamous Mod Menu V5

    Hello Community! Today i will Share you the Infamous Mod Menu V5 by Infamous Team! Working on 1.37 update :grinning: Screenshot Installation Place all files in your GTA file location directory. SocialClub (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V) Steam (C: \Program Files...
  13. Cigno

    Outdated Grand theft Auto 5 PC Mod Menu - Washed Out V2.1 | WORKING 1.28 by XeRoosterMods +Download

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any banned accounts *USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK* Installation Place all files in your GTA file location directory. (C: \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V) 64-bit (C: \Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V)...
  14. Robsondingeh

    Question What is the best GTA V Mod Menu?

    Hello Guys, Im searchin on the web for a good menu. I found a lot of free menu's but what is the best one with the most options! Hope you can help me and give some suggestions. Peace out!
  15. Venox

    Release Project Insomnia Recovery(Source)

    Hey CCM nice to see you in the gta Section i talked today to @CabCon we spoked over The Activity in the Gta Section we need also more Post here !! i will do the Start (Posting my Old Source) i created this since 11 Months .. yes its outdated but you can still learn from it !! Video(i...
  16. droid

    Release Paranormal SPRX BETA | Best Free Menu + Client Control & More (Absolutely free)

    Hey Guys Viiperz Here realising Paranormal SPRX BETA Free enjoy the menu and contact me on what i should add skype : andrewofts6 VIDEO 2 IS THERE BECAUSE NORMAL VIDEO IS BLOCKED IN SOME COUNTRYS Skype Chat : Join conversation Video: Video 2: Download : DOWNLOAD ENJOY THE MENU BETA V1.0...
  17. NexusDev

    Tutorial How To Add Glare Header To Menu Base

    1st Go To Ur Menu Source Code 2nd Add This Code Into Ur Menu Menu Base Used For Presentation : 2much4u Code 1: add These 1st: int gGlareHandle; int scaleform; float gGlareDir; float GlareX = 1.10f; float GlareY = 0.41f; float Glarewidth = 0.71f; float Glareheight = 0.73f; Code 2 [Main]...
  18. Ruff


    Hello guys... This is my first time posting a tutorial for a mod on this website :) i posted a tutorial on my youtube channel (i would really appreciate it if you subscribed) :)) MOD MENU SCREENSHOT: Tutorial: 1. download the script hook and the mod menu from below or...
  19. LIIZYX

    Answered How to make a mod menu???

    EN : Hi all, I would like to know how to make a mod menu GTA V on PC, if there are templates or examples of already coded menu, I started and I love to spend time learning how to code. And how to add this to the game ??? Thank you for your understanding. FR : Salut à tous, je voudrais savoir...