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    How do i fix this fast file error?

    Okay. So ive been trying to download black ops 3 custom zombie maps recently and ive ran into an issue. I download the map I want, make it a zone folder, move it into a folder with the correct zm_map name, move it into my usermaps, load the game, go to zombies and try to load the map and I get...
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    Question How do i make a non host sprx menu for mw2? (PS3)

    I've been playing mw2 on the ps3 for years even used .ff menus in the old days. i want to learn how to make my own non host with auth and shi.. would anyone like to teach me or give a simple tutorial? what programs id need etc...
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    Request I need a account with Some skins like the blacknight because i lost my account so yeah please get me a account

    Dm/Pm me if you got any account with blacknight or Some rare skins please i appericiate it Guys lets do this!:disappointed::smile: Or email me at this e-mail : [email protected]