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  1. Hentgvd

    Answered Update Prestige/ Scoreboard ingame ?

    Hello guys i have a problem. Im currently working on my Mod Menu. When i Change Prestiges it doesnt get shown in the scoreboard nor the Player Names. The Prestige that i've set will only be visible in the pause screen. After the match it does stick. I included " uploadstats &...
  2. 8

    How do i fix this fast file error?

    Okay. So ive been trying to download black ops 3 custom zombie maps recently and ive ran into an issue. I download the map I want, make it a zone folder, move it into a folder with the correct zm_map name, move it into my usermaps, load the game, go to zombies and try to load the map and I get...
  3. U

    Question How do i make a non host sprx menu for mw2? (PS3)

    I've been playing mw2 on the ps3 for years even used .ff menus in the old days. i want to learn how to make my own non host with auth and shi.. would anyone like to teach me or give a simple tutorial? what programs id need etc...
  4. G

    Request I need a account with Some skins like the blacknight because i lost my account so yeah please get me a account

    Dm/Pm me if you got any account with blacknight or Some rare skins please i appericiate it Guys lets do this!:disappointed::smile: Or email me at this e-mail : [email protected]