help with gsc thing

  1. Official-Moddz

    Question Bo2 Mod Menu

    I am tryna add the Prestige 15 shader but idk how I'd even begin doing it xD I have the precachedshader in my init() but that's about it. Some pointers would help, if you need my source just ask!
  2. Hentgvd

    Answered Update Prestige/ Scoreboard ingame ?

    Hello guys i have a problem. Im currently working on my Mod Menu. When i Change Prestiges it doesnt get shown in the scoreboard nor the Player Names. The Prestige that i've set will only be visible in the pause screen. After the match it does stick. I included " uploadstats &...
  3. Botan MoDz

    Question Help Me Error "G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (2090) 'mp_hud_signal_failure' "

    Hello , I have a problem with my GSC. When I inject my mode menu i have this error : I have only this error if I start the game with this map's : Aftermath , Express , Meltdown , Overflow , Plaza , Raid , Slums , Yemen Other map's he working , I can launch the map's and test my menu with...
  4. I

    Question JIT (Just in time) error When connecting to gsc studio How do i fix?

    How to fix the just in time error When connecties to steam redacted on gsc studio? Plz help
  5. R3DDxRUM

    Answered Where do i start? PLEASE HELP...

    I watched a video where buddy starts showing him copying/editing the files in "Black Ops 2 - GSC Studio" but i dont know how to get access to my xbox 360 files on my computer through this app? i do have a transfer cable and usb hdd 235gb but i honestly wouldn't be hard to teach as i'm quite...