infinite warfare

  1. Bambus

    Release Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Adresses (Tested & working 26/4/19)

    I went around and collected some Adresses... so here they are: [Sidenote: This is an exact copy of a private File for IW Adresses. If something is unclear i'm ready to help.) XP: 145EC3EC6 (4 Bytes) Prestige: 145EC3ECA (Byte) [Max. 30] Wins: 145EC373D (4 Bytes) Losses: 145EC5069 (4 Bytes)...
  2. MattyCFW

    Release Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Addresses PC Updated (13/03/19)

    There No IW Sub Form So Drop This Where Ever :smile: IW Pretty Dead But Fun To Mess About On :smile: Zombies Addresses : Zombies Rank : 145ECA68C Secondary Overall Ammo : 143CA2994 Secondary Mag : 143CA2B08 Primary Overall Ammo : 143CA294C Primary Mag : 143CA2AC0 GodMode : 143D227F0