internet talk

  1. D

    Question How to play redacted offline without any internet connection but with all dlc

    i just want to ask how can i play it offline with the new redacted lan client that include all the dlc.
  2. The Dark Side

    Tutorial Want A Safer and Smoother Internet Browsing Experience?

    Look no further than here! Hey there, i'm The Dark Side. Ever since i was little I've loved being a ghost so to say. When it came to modding, coding, browsing. Whatever it would be. I love it when people can't exactly get a read on me. Now i'm here to guide you in the best way possible that i...
  3. Syrup

    Discussion Australian Internet

    anyone from australia without nbn knows the struggles - Screenshot by Lightshot
  4. SCP

    Question If the Internet was to consist of only six websites, which ones would you choose to exist?

    CabConModding - Pretty self explanatory. Google - All those Google apps, Android. YouTube - What should we do without it? Instagram - Social bla bla. Steam - Video Games! ****hub - For those lonely nights. What are you favorites? :smirk:
  5. SCP

    Question Does anyone know of a good file hosting website?

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a good file hoster with unlimited space and the opportunity to upload big files. Does anybody can recommend one? I use openload and file-upload. Best regards, SCP.
  6. SCP

    Preview Introducing Windscribe - 50GB FREE VPN

    Hello guys, today I would like to introduce to you Windscribe! Windscribe is a free VPN service (Premium versions are also available) to protect you from being exposed to the online threats. Like any other VPN services, it can connect you to any of the servers located in numerous countries all...
  7. Craze

    Question What ISP do you use or which is your favourite?

    What's your favourite ISP or the one that you're currently using? It's a random question, I know, I just thought of it because my internet is being slow, I use Sky. :) Reply which one, I don't know many ISP's so there isn't really a good poll to put there.
  8. SCP

    Question What Browser Do You Use?

    Hello everyone, SCP here! Today we are introducing our new Section. The Internet Talk! To start some activity here we start with a know Internet topic, the webbrowser. Which one are you using and why? Let me know it! I'm using Google Chrome and sometimes Edge. I like the speed and the design of...
  9. CabCon

    Tutorial New YouTube Material Design - How to activate it? - English tutorial

    Hey guys, did you see the new YouTube material Design? :) I think it looks quite good, on this page I'm going to show you how to activate it. Be sure that the design has a few bugs so not everything is working correctly. :) Go to and open the console of your browser. Type...
  10. CabCon

    Tutorial How to restore blocked downloads with chrome? - Tutorial

    Hello CabConModding, In this tutorial I'm showing an option how to restore blocked downloads. First of all our site does not contain any viruses or malware. (Feel free to scan all files manually) We are very attached to check all our files before posting them public. Unfortunately beside that...