1. Pyrex BLJ

    Tutorial PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit Released

    Today I'm going to show you how to update to 5.05 and exploit your system :handok: First, make sure you are on 5.05 or lower. I don't know of any way to downgrade atm. Make sure you have auto update off, you should already have it off if you are on a lower update but if not, follow this...
  2. Lieutenant_Zack


    In order for this tutorial be successful PS3/Playstation 3 consoles MUST have had 3.55 or earlier firmware loaded on their consoles, therefore this tutorial WILL NOT work for Ps3 consoles with model number CECH3XXX , CECH4XXX. Hello everyone, Today I will be showing you how to get your ps3...
  3. Slander

    Article iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.2.2 Jailbreak Is Close!

    A jailbreak for iOS 11.2 through iOS 11.2.2 can come sooner than we think. On January 29th, 2 bluetoothd daemon vulnerabilities were discovered by the Zimperium team. The first vulnerability (CVE-2018-4095) is full relative (ASLR bypass) control on the stack in CoreBluetooth that leads to...
  4. L

    Tutorial How to change the "PARAM.SFO" of a game.

    Hello, my name is Loof and today I want to bring you a tutorial. And it's about how to change / edit the PARAM.SFO of a game. This is used to change the minimum version to start it, the ID (Name of the game), Resolutions and more. You need PARAM.SFO Editor by me. 1- Open and extract. 2- Load...
  5. J

    Question Gta Install fail

    Hey guys i have a problem. I have a jailbroken ps3 on dex and every time i try to install GTA V it says i need to download some uptades. I click on O,K and after loading a few*procent*my ps3 crashes and there are running black and white strips*through my*monitor. Sometimes i can shut my ps3 off...
  6. J

    Answered ps3 graphics chip ?

    Hello guys i need some help with my ps3 slim. so its a jailbroken ps3 and every time I start it after a few time or right after the start i get a black screen or there is like a flickering light on my Monitore and it freezes. does anyone of u know what this is and how i can fix it ? here is a...
  7. The Dark Side

    Discussion Tethered/Semi-Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 10.2.1!

    Hello There Everyone! I got a little treat for you today. Recently over the past couple weeks a jailbreak has been released for iOS 10.2.1 in the midst of all the scams, lies, and confusing community of Jailbreaking. There are good things that come out of the community too! So, i decided id...
  8. M

    Answered How can I get a jailbroken PS3?

    I was wondering how I can get my PS3 jailbroken? Do I require a USB-Drive or is this fake?
  9. droid

    Release Paranormal SPRX BETA | Best Free Menu + Client Control & More (Absolutely free)

    Hey Guys Viiperz Here realising Paranormal SPRX BETA Free enjoy the menu and contact me on what i should add skype : andrewofts6 VIDEO 2 IS THERE BECAUSE NORMAL VIDEO IS BLOCKED IN SOME COUNTRYS Skype Chat : Join conversation Video: Video 2: Download : DOWNLOAD ENJOY THE MENU BETA V1.0...