1. Pyrex BLJ

    Article 5.05 Payload List And Description

    This will explain what payloads are available and what they do Updated Often i will be going off the payloads from this dns setup: Primary dns: Secondary dns: App2USB: Transfers installed games and apps from the system's internal storage to an external storage...
  2. xCometMods

    Release WW2 Zombies Weapon ID List (PC)

    So this thread is kind of empty so I thought I could add the weapon id list for: The Final Reich&Grösten Haus. These work for steam, cracked or any working version of Call of Duty: World War || The Final Reich and Grösten Haus Weapon ID List...
  3. xBeaTzMoDz™

    GSC - MW2 [1.11] Script List

    Hello Cabconmodding Members Today I Post GSC MW2 Script List Credits to all the users who created these scripts, if you would like to know the original creators just simply do a Google search. If you need to find something quickly, press CTRL+F and use the special code in []. C001 - C0018...
  4. StonedYoda

    Release [Bo2/GSC] - StonedYoda's GSC Board [Scripts/Sources]

    StonedYoda's GSC Board -----> Functions: Godmode Pistol (made for @dorathekiller97) [Alpha Version may have bugs] New: StonedYoda's dvar Editor (with All client FOV) Javelin (Modded Weapon remaked of Mw3) [Yoda Edit with the Real Bullet Fly type] Real working...
  5. CabCon

    Release Black Ops 2 Effects List for each map by CabCon

    Hello, today I release this List, which have included all effects from each map. Dumped form the level._effect array. Feel free to use it for you stuff. Screenshot Credits @CabCon Download Pastebin :cabcon: @CabCon