1. Kyle Fardy

    Release Simple C# Login & Register Authentication

    This took me a few hours to make when I was bored • Login • Register • Redeem Token There are a few bugs, which I will fix when I have the time
  2. Matt

    PHP/SQL - PLEASE! Use Prepared statements and Parameterized Queries

    Honestly some people will never learn. Since this is becoming a place where a lot of people who are transitioning from the Modding community to the Web design community come to seek information, I thought it would only be right to post something like this here. Plus, it's 2017 and people are...
  3. Kyle Fardy

    Release User Dashboard

    It Will Include The Following Passwords Encrypted In Either SHA2 Or BCRYPT (Depends On What I Can Be Bothered Doing) Moderator Panel Admin Panel News On Index Community Chat User Posts / Comments (With Likes & Dislikes Just Have To Somehow Lock A Users Like To Their Account So They Cant Spam...