1. Avory

    I need help with a model

    Hello, I need help with a Spetsnaz model I want to use in a zombies map I'm working on. The issue is that the model is not rigged with the Bo3 skeleton, and because of this it's limbs are twisted and deformed. Now, usually I would try myself to fix this, as I do not like being a beggar/burden...
  2. LushModz

    Release GTA 5 Character Models 1.27

    GTA 5 Character Models 1.27 a_c_boar a_c_chickenhawk a_c_chimp a_c_chop a_c_cormorant a_c_cow a_c_coyote a_c_crow a_c_deer a_c_fish a_c_hen a_c_husky a_c_mtlion a_c_pig a_c_pigeon a_c_rat a_c_retriever a_c_rhesus a_c_rottweiler a_c_seagull a_c_sharktiger a_c_shepherd a_f_m_beach_01...
  3. D

    Question Help with radiant problem?

    I've been making a pretty large zombies map for some time, I just started working on it again and now when I open my model viewer the icons will start to load in but then after a few minutes, they will stop loading in at all and radiant will stop responding so I have to close it.I just bought...
  4. Quacked420

    Answered GSC Default Player Model?

    Hey CabConModding community, does anyone know the script for the default player? E.g If my model was a dog and I want to set it back to the default player model. Thanks.