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    I've been making a pretty large zombies map for some time, I just started working on it again and now when I open my model viewer the icons will start to load in but then after a few minutes, they will stop loading in at all and radiant will stop responding so I have to close it.I just bought more RAM because I was thinking I was just running out of RAM but it's still doing it. And no it's not that I have a junk PC. My PC should be more than capable to load some models in the model viewer.

    Specs are:

    Intel i7 4790k

    16 GB RAM

    GTX 970

    I've tried nuking the register, didn't help, tried resetting all preferences and nothing. I really don't wanna try to reinstall the mod tools but as a last resort, I will. If I must reinstall does anyone know all the files needed to save my map so that I don't lose it.

    If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening or can provide any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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