1. S

    Fastfile error for black ops 3 custom zombie maps cant fix?

    ive tried all the fixes on here but it seems as if im missing a huge load of files it says for almost every map i am using everything correctly the fatgirl 88.0 black ops 3 repack and still im getting missing large machine gun error etc is there any fix for this that can work?
  2. Y

    Question [Redacted] GSC Studio crashes BO2

    When I have injected a gsc to ZM/MP, and then start the game, at the loading screen somewhere, I crash. I'm using Redacted.
  3. Aqua!

    Answered How to show ON/OFF text inside the menu option it self?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about: (In the RED circle.) I want to know how to change "[OFF]" to "[ON]" when you select the option. Thank you for helping in advance if you do! :smile: - Aqua! :cabconmodding:
  4. oVitality

    Answered How to blur the background when the menu is open?

    Example of what i am looking for: Just the line of code would be nice, thank you! :smile:
  5. SenorShawn

    Answered How Do I Download Custom Maps?

    ok... i watched every single tutorial on youtube to find out how to download custom maps now here's the problem i downloaded the map i wanted to play btw its zm_mariotower i made a folder called "usermaps" i unzipped the .rar of the map dragged it into usermaps folder didnt work k so i tried...
  6. mell miald

    Preview MW2 1.14 STEAM MOD MENU

  7. N

    Can i get banned on COD:BO1 for usin a mod menu?

    Because mods are allowed, and i dont wanna get banned, so is it allowed to use like 4x xp? or unlock all's
  8. Botan MoDz

    Question Help Me Error "G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (2090) 'mp_hud_signal_failure' "

    Hello , I have a problem with my GSC. When I inject my mode menu i have this error : I have only this error if I start the game with this map's : Aftermath , Express , Meltdown , Overflow , Plaza , Raid , Slums , Yemen Other map's he working , I can launch the map's and test my menu with...
  9. xCometMods

    Answered Loop for God Mode Crash BO2 Redacted

    So I i've messing around with bo2 redacted and making trainers and seem to have a problem with a while constantly crashing the application but still works in game, any ideas? btw Private Sub CheckBox1_CheckedChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles CheckBox1.CheckedChanged...
  10. Right

    Question DDS Compression Help

    Im looking to basicly half the size of a dds texture without loss of quality if possible. iv tried DXT1 and its still not small enough. Im aware that lowering the resolution helps however looks bad in-game, anyone got any tricks?
  11. I

    Question SPRX Help Plez XD Rawr KKK

    so basically im making a sprx But i cant find the right dimensions for me X/Y/Width/Height im trying to find the dimensions to make my menu look like yet another engine V1 or something like that but for MW3 if anyone can help then thanks i guess okie bye
  12. B

    Discussion Good DLL INJECTOR ??

    Hi guys I'm looking for some good dll injector thank you
  13. Pyrex BLJ

    Answered who wanna do me a learn

    I've been trying to make an sprx aimbot for my nonhost, with there being no help online and when asking people for help they either say nothing or look at paradise source (wonder where that would end up :thinking:) If anyone would be willing to help (i understand why most people arent) i would...
  14. D

    Question Help with radiant problem?

    I've been making a pretty large zombies map for some time, I just started working on it again and now when I open my model viewer the icons will start to load in but then after a few minutes, they will stop loading in at all and radiant will stop responding so I have to close it.I just bought...
  15. J

    Question Passcode/Keyfile. Getting annoyed

    Hi. I have downloaded several blops 3 zombie maps. Mostly from links that are posted on here. All the single ones work, but when i download part 1 part 2 part 3 files, they are blocked for extraction by a passcode/keyfile. I have posted this on two pages where i have found these links...
  16. L

    Answered How do you even get the mod menu?

    What do you need specificaly to mod? I only have a ps3 that you put the disc in the front
  17. caliwil04

    Answered XBOX RGH problem

    So i have this problem. So my hdd already has everything i need and my steath is Ninja. the problem is when ever i boot it up after like a minute it will just say there was a problem with Ninja and reboot. But When i manage to get to dash launch and change my stealth it will never save and i...
  18. almoost

    Question Level 55 and Error Server Disconnected - 57475...

    guys. I am having a problem in redacted. I would like to know if I would get level 55 with commands on the console, I know statsetbyname rankxp, but it is causing an error when I start the game, I try for a random number and the game does not load the map and the error (Server Disconnected -...
  19. D

    Answered I need help with playing custom maps on a cracked version of Black Ops 3 (Problem Solved)

    Hello there, I was trying to install a custom map (kyassuruz) but looking at the installation guide told me to put the map in a folder called usermaps in the root directory of black ops 3. I created a folder and named it usermaps and put the custom map in there, then i loaded up black ops 3 and...
  20. H

    Question How to get spec ops mod menu to work?

    Ive been trying for an hour trying getting mw2 game files. Is jailbreak the only way to use the mod menu?