1. K

    Question Can't open t6sp when Redacted is downloaded

    So I download this Redacted file for my Windows 11 laptop and it works fine when I play Zombies, but now I can't play single player anymore because when I try to open t6sp, it goes through the whole Redacted thing like it does when I open Zombies, and Redacted doesn't use campaign. I was able to...
  2. J

    Answered ps3 graphics chip ?

    Hello guys i need some help with my ps3 slim. so its a jailbroken ps3 and every time I start it after a few time or right after the start i get a black screen or there is like a flickering light on my Monitore and it freezes. does anyone of u know what this is and how i can fix it ? here is a...
  3. D

    Question Help with radiant problem?

    I've been making a pretty large zombies map for some time, I just started working on it again and now when I open my model viewer the icons will start to load in but then after a few minutes, they will stop loading in at all and radiant will stop responding so I have to close it.I just bought...
  4. Yienz

    Answered Black Ops 2 - GSC Stuido "Connect To Redacted" - Unhandled Errors.

    Im so sick of this problem. I need some help here please. Every Time I open GSC Studio and try to connect to Redacted Progress. it cause unhandled error. I was looking for fix in google but so far I couldn't find same problem I have. Please Help. I Downloaded This App from...

    Answered i want help with the .GSC files

    CALL OF DUTY BO2 : hello, i have a little problem with .GSC files, when i open one, i have a glitched code, i can't "inject project to target" (noting appear). Thanks for help! o_O:sweatsmile::relaxed: