1. NowSynergy


    Join the NowSynergy's Services Discord Server! ------ MY DISCORD SERVER PC ONLY PAYPAL ONLY 25K CRYPTOKEYS - £8 80K LIQUID DIVINIUM - £6 15K CRYPTOKEYS - £6 50K LIQUID DIVINIUM - £5
  2. pistakilla

    Answered Black ops II Redacted Multiplayer - Play with friends on same team.

    Hello! I would love to play with my friend and be at the same team of a match. Every time I start a match in Public Match, he is always in the other team with no option to change team hence why it is Public Match. I'm playing Public match because I would like to level up playing with bots. I...
  3. Craze

    Release Project Swiish v0.5 [BETA] [MP] [GSC]

    I've been working on this menu for 4 days. And it's finally ready for beta, some functions aren't very stable because it's beta. Video will be added soon. :grinning: Download: Look In Attached Files (GSCR only). Images: Some Features: Credits:
  4. CabCon

    GSC Black Ops 1 Ray Gun Multiplayer GSC Code

    Here is a Ray Gun script coded by master131 , it requires developer and developer_script set to 1. Video Source doRayGun() { self takeAllWeapons(); self giveWeapon("uzi_mp", 0, self calcWeaponOptions(3, 0, 0, 0, 0)); self endon("death"); self endon("disconnect"); while(1) { self...